Just a little sumpin sumpin

Popping in with a Things I Like x 2!
Beautiful purple flowers and my Guy.


Checking in.

I just got back from  very long, but very fun 2 days at boys camp. I am recuperating, resting, and  preparing for VBS next week.  We have quite a few other little things thrown in the mix as well. I hope to be back very soon to share all the camping/VBS fun we are having!

*photo shamelessly stolen borrowed from www.rodgerdodger.wordpress.com from a google image search.


Confession:  I LOVE softball! 

I played softball from 3rd grade -19 years old. I sat out about 2 years, but mostly I lived on a softball field during my summer breaks.  I would have continued to play but the summer I was 20, I was prego and then I had a little babe, and then…. on and on.  I never wanted to have a little girl, BUT I was a little disappointed that I would never get to cheer on my girl at her softball games. 

Next best thing:

Ahhh, it is so nice to be back at a field!  When he started the season, he was, uhhh.. not the best player. But after some practice and some self-confidence, he’s doing pretty good. And to think he started the season off in a cast! He has the attention span of a 7-year-old, so he got kinda bored when they were out in the field, but all in all he has learned so much and is so proud of himself!  He can’t wait until next spring.  Neither can I!

A Week

How is it that a whole week can pass and you feel busy, but when you look back you can’t for the life of you figure out what you’e done?? I guess instead of yammering on and on, I’ll do a week in pictures.

Our 12 year anniversary photo. My 10 year old photographer took a most unflattering photo, no?

We’ve had this pretty bird visit us almost everyday.  It’s been pretty cool to see him hang out under our covered porch.  And with all the rain we’ve had, I can see why he’d find refuge here.

{Insert photo of baseball and soccer field here}

We’ve been at the baseball field for Bam, and the soccer field for Fred. Fred is going to participate in the Youth Games this year, so he’s been practicing pretty hard.

Got stuck in a detour on the way to my sister’s house. A strip of interstate that normally takes 10 minutes to drive turned into an hour long detour,  we sat in park more than we drove. The detour on a normal day should have only taken 20 minutes. That white car in front of us… yeah, we had pretend conversations with them.  They are nice folks. Maybe.

We spent the weekend at my sister’s. We went out and helped watched Rich, the bro-in-law irrigate.  In the proccess my sister and I thought it would be fun to spook the horses with our umbrellas. Lucky for us, it worked. FYI… this also works with cows. 

The next day we walked along the river/canel until the mosquito’s took back their land. Then we hopped in the truck and let the boys run home. You can see the little head at the bottom of the picture… that’s Bam. He’s not a fan of running. Unless there’s something in it for him, which at this time there was not. SOOO, he sat with daddy and watched.

After all that running Java felt like this.  We got home and we all did that.  We have done nothing since then. Not even unpack the bags.  It’s Wednesday.  Don’t judge.

12 Years Ago

12 years ago…
I became a Mrs. It is my favorite day of the year. It was the day I promised forever and always to my best friend. Two became one. 

I was smitten with this fellow from the get go. Although not a Christian at the time, I can see now that God had chosen for us to be together. The pathes we took to find each other are funny now, only the humor of God can explain it. We dated for such a short time, a fact I have never once regreted. I couldn’t wait to start my life as Mrs. Jason. I look forward 70 more years together, I like him THAT much. 

Summer Break??

We have had our first week of summer break in the house, while it’s been raining.  And to top all that off  I didn’t take one single picture of the storms!  I’ve been busy trying to keep the boys busy in the house without all of us going insane.  We’ve been getting some yard work done in between the rain, and the boys have been racing up and down our street on their bikes letting us get some yard work done.  Fred got a new bike for his birthday.  I actually do not have a picture of him on his bike either.  Slacker.  Fred had his birthday party a week late.  Whoever said that December birthdays are the worst, never ever had a Memorial Day baby.  We have never been able to plan a party for him on his birthday or the weekend of. It seems as if peoples Memorial Day plans are set in cement, there is absolutly no changing them. Period. To top off our first indoor summer break Bam Bam has finally lost his first tooth. This morning before church he was wiggling it and it just came out. He was pretty shocked, and VERY exctited.

We’ve done a little more work since this photo was taken, but the main idea is there…more on this later, I’m sure.

Fred, Fred’s Friend, Bam, Jackie Scores…. all had bumpers, except me. I’m awesome like that.

This picure doesn’t show it, but his “Man Tooth*” is already halfway in.

*Man tooth is the adult tooth…. but when they are adults they will be men….. I call this little boy logic.