Day 20- Green

I am halfway through my challenge! I love that today’s topic is green, and todays weather was so nice. I got out today and took a photo of my daisy waking up and doing so well!


Day 19- Circles

One of my favorite dinners is breakfast, or as we call it, Brinner. I usually make biscuits and gravy, but my Bam loves pancakes. Just for him, I made some tonight, and for good measure, I threw in some berries.

Day 18- Gadget

There is a bit of a story behind this photo. 

I have a grocery budget. A pretty strict grocery budget. I’ve always tracked my grocery list total as I shop. I need a calculator, but as I’ve become a bit of a amateur couponer I need one even more. I always have a calculator in my purse.  As I shop I have a nice little set up I use. List in the middle, calculator on the left, and coupon accordion on the right. (Of course, my coffee cup is on the far right, but that’s another story.)  Last time I went shopping I somehow forgot to take my calculator out of the cart when I was done paying for my groceries, and even missed it after I had loaded my car. I drove home, and continued my daily schedule. It wasn’t until later in the day did I realize my calculator was gone.  I searched my car, and my kitchen, but couldn’t find it. I knew I had left it at the store. I was heartbroken.  That sounds so ridiculous to be heartbroken over a calculator, but this one was special!  I’ve had this calculator since I was in high school. I’ve been using this one calculator for over 14 years, and in one rushed trip to the store it was gone.  After a very busy week, I finally had some time to run to the store in the hope that somebody had turned it into costumer service.  I was very sceptical that I would ever see my calculator again, but hallelujah!  Someone returned it!  I have my calculator back!  How can something so simple as getting my (beloved) calculator back bring me to tears?   So it made perfect sense to me to make it the subject of my photo challenge today!

Day 16- Orange

*Cheater alert*  I took two pictures in one day.  Sorry, but I already told you it’s been a crazy week!! I saw these lights at our coffee shop and I had to use them. I’m a little surprised how hard it was to find something orange! I would never have these in my own home, but they are perfect in the coffee shop. They fit so well.


Day 15- Furniture

We went a local coffee shop today. It’s kinda a crappy day. Windy, rainy, and mostly just pretty miserable. We sat in a little corner where it was kind of dark, but as we sat there chatting, and warming up,  I realized it was extremely cozy.  I must have looked a little silly moving the furniture around to get this picture!  I just loved the color and the texture of the wall.