Summer Break??

We have had our first week of summer break in the house, while it’s been raining.  And to top all that off  I didn’t take one single picture of the storms!  I’ve been busy trying to keep the boys busy in the house without all of us going insane.  We’ve been getting some yard work done in between the rain, and the boys have been racing up and down our street on their bikes letting us get some yard work done.  Fred got a new bike for his birthday.  I actually do not have a picture of him on his bike either.  Slacker.  Fred had his birthday party a week late.  Whoever said that December birthdays are the worst, never ever had a Memorial Day baby.  We have never been able to plan a party for him on his birthday or the weekend of. It seems as if peoples Memorial Day plans are set in cement, there is absolutly no changing them. Period. To top off our first indoor summer break Bam Bam has finally lost his first tooth. This morning before church he was wiggling it and it just came out. He was pretty shocked, and VERY exctited.

We’ve done a little more work since this photo was taken, but the main idea is there…more on this later, I’m sure.

Fred, Fred’s Friend, Bam, Jackie Scores…. all had bumpers, except me. I’m awesome like that.

This picure doesn’t show it, but his “Man Tooth*” is already halfway in.

*Man tooth is the adult tooth…. but when they are adults they will be men….. I call this little boy logic.


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