Goodbye Dear Friend

Let’s see if I can type this without crying.


We had to put down our sweet, beloved, furry baby on Monday.  He would have been 15 in April, and we were so blessed to have been his for 14 of those years. He outlasted everyones expectations, and we are so thankful he did!

As 2 (very) young newly married kids, we went to ‘just look’ at the pound, and came home with a 50 pound ball of fur. We had to sneak him into our apartment! We were moving out in 2 days, but the pound said that they just couldn’t hold him for us. He helped us learn more about ourselves, and life in general. He was waiting by the door as we brought our first baby home. He was waiting by the door as we brought our second baby home.   As the boys have grown up he’s been a constant playmate.

But in the past year he’s slowed down. He was happier inside, than out, but he would lay outside and watch them play. He still lit up when he saw his red leash in one of their hands. He wagged his tail in delight when we walked in the door after school, or running errands.

Until recently. He was tired. He was confused. He seemed sad. We knew his time was near, but we put it off. We prayed God would let us have one more Christmas, and praise Him, he did! It was right after the New Year we started to notice the biggest changes. After 4 bad days we decided we couldn’t keep him here for our good. We needed to make that tough decision for his best interest. So we did. The boys had the day off of school. We brushed him one last time. The boys asked to feed him one last time. We went for one last walk around the block. It was painfully obvious that it was difficult for him. We went to the park one last time, running around and just laughing. We didn’t even care about the 5* weather. It was sunny and clear. It was a beautiful day. He found a chicken bone by the trash and was so happy. We went for one last drive. It wasn’t long enough.  We went to the vet, one last time. I sat in the waiting room with Tiny. Fred wanted to spend every precious second with Java, so he went back with Jason.  Java was held until he took his one last breath.

It was a silent drive home.  The tears waited until we were home. He was not by the door waiting for us.  It was devastating.  After letting the tears flow we looked though hundreds of photos. Pictures we’ve long forgotten. It was the best way to spend the afternoon. Remembering Java’s better days.  Seeing his young face helped us realize how bad he had gotten.  I sit here and think, now I have one more reason to look forward to heaven one day. But while The Good Lord wants me here, I know Java couldn’t be in better hands, and he’ll be waiting by the front door when I get there.


Spring 2009


Pinterest Review- Chocolate& Peanut Butter

Ok, I have no pin for this one, because there are a meeeellion pins for chocolate + peanut butter on Pinterest.

Seriously. One million.  Search it for yourself if you don’t believe me…. go. I’ll wait.

See. I told you. There are PB chocolate balls, bars, cupcakes, cookies, spreads, parfaits.  All sorts of crazy things.  The only thing… most of them aren’t all that unique.  I’ve made some of those things before.

So why am I reviewing something everyone has tried before? Short answer… Because I want to. Long drawn out answer…. I’m glad you asked!

I do not buy any peanut butter that comes in a jar with a Disney character, or misspelled word, that I really don’t know what it means. I don’t buy peanut butter in a jar that could last for years in my pantry.  I don’t buy peanut butter in a jar.

I grind my own peanut butter at our local store, back in the bulk area. Fred Meyer and Winco both offer this service. If your store has a bulk section, see if they have this option to make your own.  There is one ingredient. You know exactly what that ingredient is. There are no preservatives. The most refreshing part, if you don’t use it in a timely manner, it will go bad!  Some people might see that as a negative, but seriously, please do not eat ANYTHING that doesn’t go bad. It’s  not good for you!

Some people will say that the texture of fresh ground peanut butter is awful, and a long time ago, I would have agreed with you. Jason has always loved it, so I weaned myself off the jarred junk by purchasing the more natural version that you had to stir before using.  I hated stirring it up, and it always made a mess.  I bought the no stir option, but it added an extra ingredient that I didn’t want.  Plus, it is pricey!!  I decided to just go over to the grinder, and make my own for SOOO much less.  My boys love it, Jason loves it, and now, I love it.  Jarred peanut butter tastes gross  to me now. It’s so sweet with all the sugar they add to it! Blugh!  I have not bought jarred peanut butter in years.

Okay. I’ll put my soapbox away.

With the knowledge that I buy grind your own peanut better, I’ll let you in on the negative. There is just one. It is very difficult to bake with.  Baked goods just do not come out the same.  BUT!!!  It makes the best peanut better cups! The Best.


These are mindblowingly delicious! And painfully easy to make. Which makes me wonder why I don’t make them more often? Oh yes, because they are dangerous to my hips.

Reese's (4)
First you have to get your double broiler going.  Or if you do not have a double broiler, like yours truly, just set this up. Just make sure you use a heat resistant glass bowl. You’re probably smart enough to know that without me telling you though.

Reese's (10)
Throw your chocolate chips in once the water is boiling. I used a little more than a handful because I wasn’t making a lot. Just eyeball how much you think you’ll need. The good thing is that it’s extremely easy to melt more chocolate if you didn’t do enough the first time.

Reese's (13)

Pretty, melting chocolate. Make sure you stir it the whole time. This is not the time to go vacuum your living room.

Reese's (21)

Now that the chocolate is melted comes the fun. If you used chocolate chips, you have some time to work with it. It takes a bit for it to set back up. But be warned it’s messy. Just think, you get to lick your fingers when you’re done. The easiest way to work with the peanut butter is to refrigerate it first. Once it’s hardened, it the peanut butter balls roll through the chocolate pretty easily.

Reese's (2)

Reese's (14)I also spooned some chocolate onto the peanut butter that I had put into cupcake wrappers. I made a chocolate ball for all four of us, but only had enough chocolate for three. I didn’t want to melt more chocolate for one peanut butter cup.

Reese's (22)

Then you stick it in the fridge for a while. Or the freezer if you’re as impatient as me. You can tell that it’s ready when it’s not shiny anymore. It’s a matte texture. That’s when you know it’s set. Even if there is just a tiny spot that is shiny, you need to wait a little longer.



Reese's (15)


Reese's (6)
Gone.  The boys love these.  And I do not feel one ounce of regret letting them eat them. They are a very yummy, fun sometimes treat.

Just a Little Somethin’ to Dwell on.


So this woman buys a McDonald’s hamburger and fries. She sets it out on the counter and takes a picture  of it. I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t?  Seriously. Well, she continues to photograph this fine specimen.  For 1000 days.  Yes.

One.Thousand.Days.   I did the math for you…. that’s 142 weeks. Or 32.8 Months. OR 2 years and 8 months.

Sally Davies Flicker

This is not exclusively a McDonald’s issue. It’s any place that uses highly processed, highly preserved food. We’ve all eaten it. We’ve all hit the drive through when time was short, or wanted a lazy meal.  But stop and think for a minute about the last time you cleaned out your car and you found that hidden fry that shimmied in between the seats, and found a nice home under the bench seat. It was there for months, yet it still looks like it did the day you purchased it.  There’s your warning that you’re not eating real food.  Real food rots!!!

Please eat real food!

Hello, 2013!!

It’s been brought to my attention that some people are tired of looking at that picture of the protein ranch at the top of my blog and that I should update!

I agree!  I haven’t felt like blogging at all, BUT I have been keeping up with my Pinterst Reviews, so I have a bunch of photo’s and posts to put together.

Before we get to all that nonsense though, a little boy I know turned 10 a few weeks ago! My baby is a double digiter! We will no longer have a single digit kid in our house.  Boo… *tears*  Okay. Tears are gone, and I’m moving on.

Ian is 10 (9)


I had him fill out his birthday survey.  That boy makes me smile every single day.  He is so genuinely happy, that is just absorbs into you!  I love him to pieces.


How old are you?  10
What is your favorite color?  Blue
What is your favorite animal?  Husky
What is your favorite food?  Enchilada
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Something with technology
What is your favorite book?  Percy Jackson
What is your favorite song?  Titanium by David Guetta
What is your favorite TV show?   Cook’s Country   (what? If I were to answer this for him I would say, The Middle)
Where would you most like to go for a vacation?  Sandal’s Resort,  in Bahamas’   (to much Wheel of Fortune?)
hat is your favorite thing to do?  Playstation
Where do you like to go for dinner? Olive Garden