Fall Wreath

I finally broke down and pulled out the fall decorations.  Like a said before I was trying to delay putting them up until it actually felt like fall, and well, it does.   I don’t have a whole lot of decorations, a few candles, a wall hanging.  I don’t want my house to look overly staged, but I do want it to feel comfy, cozy,  and inviting. I love wreaths on the door. It’s the best way to get that inviting feeling.  Enter first problem. We put up a storm door a few years ago and since then, none of the wreaths that I owned fit  in between the door and the storm door. I didn’t like the idea of the wreathes hanging from the storm door because of a latch on the top and the hook might scratch the glass.  So all last year I had nothing on my door, except during Christmas last year I  couldn’t help it and I stuck a small little tensile-y thing out there. It was not my favorite, but it was better than nothing.  I did not want to go down that road again this year,  so I made one for fall!

I started with a piece of cardboard from a big pizza. It needed to be flat so I figured cardboard would do the trick.

Remember that fall garland I told you I got for $2?  Well I cut off a bunch of leaves off of it and some gourds from a very small candle wreath I have had forever.

Of course after I spent the $2 on the garland, I saw that they had some decent ones at the dollar store, too. Oh well, live and learn. Then get over it. I also had some maple leaves from a small fall thing I had taken apart a few years ago. I just slowly started to hot glue it all together, trying my hardest to make it look good. It took about half an hour. I hung it on the front door and wah-lah! I think it looks pretty good.

Closer up:

That is my $2.00 fall wreath, and I still have most the garland left to do another craft with. Now I just need to spray paint that wreath hanger white.