Too Busy?

I was getting ready to write up this post, and was thinking about how busy, and rushed we’ve been, and I stopped in my tracks when I realized that, that is seriously ALL I ever blog about!  Like no one knows that…. or even really cares!  I mean really did you really come here to read all about how busy I am?  Are you really surprised to learn that we stay busy all the time? Are you new here?

I started to think about all the times how busy we all are, and/or how tired we always are comes up in our daily conversations.  I know for me it’s a pretty common topic of discussion. I think it’s for a couple of reasons.

1) It’s true, and we are just talking the truth.
2) Lack of real, in depth topics to engage in.
3) We feel like martyrs. Like we need a crown or a trophy in honor of how busy we stay all the time. And heaven forbid someone not acknowledge how busy we are!

I certainly hope I DON’T fall into the 3rd category!  In all truth, I think a lot of the time I fall into the second, though.

Of all the things that are on our list…
-Soccer and soccer practice 4 times a week
-Church (that includes prep for my Sunday School class)
-Youth group events
-School events
-Class at CWI for me
-Daily chores, including  grocery shopping and boring stuff like that

Etc, etc….. you get the point. looking over the list, it’s not all that overwhelming, but it just keeps us busy.
Like every.other.

Then I got to thinking about WHY we all seem to insist on staying busy, having every-last minute of our day full.

1) We choose to.

That’s it. That’s the only reason I could come up with. Well, besides the whole work thing.  None of us really have a choice to cut that out of our schedules! But every other thing on our list, or your list is a choice.

Soccer? We choose to shell out the money for our boys to play soccer every season. Because THEY like it.  I think that might be the easiest thing to scratch off our list! It takes up the most amount of time, it doesn’t benefit me directly. It kills our gas budget. It kills our overall budget, and it cuts into the boys homework time.  But the boys love it. They keep their grades up. It teaches them team skills useful in life. It keeps them active. It shows them that we care about them, and the things they like. And it’s fun.

Church?  Well yeah, that’ a choice, but not in this house.  We love the Lord, we love to go, and worship Him. We love to teach the boys, and the kids at church about Him. Jason and I both know a life without Him, and that’s not an option anymore!

Youth group? Same idea as church, but more fun.  🙂

School Events? We choose to send our kids to a school that has a few more concerts and events than the average school. We choose to drive our kids to a different town to go to that school. We choose to put our kids in a school, that we feel, is better quality than the one down the street.

Going back to college? Yeah, a total time sucker. More than I thought it might be? YEP, but still my choice!  I had the option to back out the first two weeks of school, AND get my money back, but I chose to stay in for the long haul!

Daily chores and such?  Yes, they are a choice, but I REALLY don’t want to be eligible for Hoarders!  And my family likes to eat… on clean dishes!


So yeah, I could take a few of these activities out of the line up and have a lot more  time on my hands. I also know that if we were to do that. We would start to get bored!

I’ll try to refrain from posting about how busy we are in the future. It really gets on my nerves!  Ha!






Braces- Month 7

The braces are working wonderfully.  Fred’s teeth are nice and straight.  Only concern right now, is that the bottom canines STILL haven’t come in. We had the springs put in about 2 months ago, and they have made a pretty decent gap on both sides, but there is no evidence of those teeth coming in anytime soon. He has lost the baby teeth well over 2 years ago. So that is on the question list for next appointment.

*This is the only photo that he has authorized to be put on the internet.*

9 years old…. a little late.

My Bam turned 9 right before Christmas. We kept it a small family event, since he didn’t seem to interested in having a party. Fine with me!! He requested a cherry cobbler, which we enjoyed after a delicious dinner of french toast.  It was a very sweet and calorie heavy dinner!

He had to blow out a regular candle because I didn’t want to stick a birthday candle in my cobbler. He seemed to like the idea.  And to help us remember 9 year old Bam, when we are old and senile; a questionnaire!

Favorite Things

Color:  Blue

Food: Mongolian Beef

Music: David Crowder Band

Clothes: Lego Star Wars Shirt

Animal: Prairie dogs…. or Barking Squirrel (he just informed me that, that’s what Lewis & Clark called them. I learned something new today!)

TV Show: The Middle

Movie: iRobot

 Subject in School:  Reading

Sport: Soccer

Vehicle:  Tank

Gadget: Playstation 3

Holiday: Christmas

Smell:  Mom’s Black Current Candle

Candy: Apple or Grape Jolly Rancher

He Has A Dream

Yesterday my Bam came running out of the school building when the bell rang. He was wearing a bright neon yellow crown with a red band around it. When he finally reached me, I read what it said.

“Dr. King had a dream. My dream is….that cats don’t do their business in our yard.”

He’s got mighty dreams!!! LOL


Confession:  I LOVE softball! 

I played softball from 3rd grade -19 years old. I sat out about 2 years, but mostly I lived on a softball field during my summer breaks.  I would have continued to play but the summer I was 20, I was prego and then I had a little babe, and then…. on and on.  I never wanted to have a little girl, BUT I was a little disappointed that I would never get to cheer on my girl at her softball games. 

Next best thing:

Ahhh, it is so nice to be back at a field!  When he started the season, he was, uhhh.. not the best player. But after some practice and some self-confidence, he’s doing pretty good. And to think he started the season off in a cast! He has the attention span of a 7-year-old, so he got kinda bored when they were out in the field, but all in all he has learned so much and is so proud of himself!  He can’t wait until next spring.  Neither can I!