A long time ago…

About  13 years ago + a few months ago, while Jason and I were dating we lived in different counties. We were about 2 hours away from each other and only spent time together on the weekends. The weeks got pretty long.  I gave Jason one of my senior pictures, and he gave me a photo of him.  I loved that picture. I immediately framed it, and put it on my nightstand. My family teased me about it, but I couldn’t have cared less. I fell asleep next to his handsome face. Over the years and many moves later, the picture, and it’s frame have moved from my nightstand to a box. Who needs the picture when you have the real thing laying on the pillow next to you?  I was rummaging through my photo box a few months ago, and I found it.  My heart skipped a beat or two when I saw it.  It has that effect on me. After staring at it, with a smile on my face for a few minutes, I decided it did not belong in some lonely box! It is back in its rightful spot on my desk next to my bed.  

(Yeah, it’s been in the frame for so long that it’s stuck to the mat!)



Fred’s got a new smile!  On Monday he got his braces on. He will have them for about 10 months, give or take a few. It depends on how fast his teeth move.  He’s been kind of sore, but it’s getting better. He ate a lot of mashed potatoes.   He’s getting used to them, so that’s good.  I think it makes him look older, but definatly cuter!



Summer Time; Week 2

So after that terribly whiney last post, I’m moving on.

Last week was actually pretty busy. The weather held out for most of it.  Tuesday Fred had some spacers put in to get his mouth ready for the braces he got yesterday. Wednesday was our 13th wedding anniversary. We were unable to celebrate on Wednesday-too busy, work, baseball, life…. Friday we celebrated.  Our ‘celebrating’ this year was kind of blah. Neigther one of us really had any idea what we wanted to do, and we didn’t want to spend a ton of money. We’re a blast, huh? I think both of us would have been content to order a pizza and go to bed early! Lame!  This was the first time the boys were excited abot our anniversary. We have ALWAYS included them in all of our celebrating of June 8th. It is our families birthday, and they are a part of that. Saturday a quick trip to Nana & Papa’s for our June BBQ.  Sunday NOTHING! I think a little week in photo’s would sum up the week perfectly.

Tuesday: We had ourselves a little Double Bubble Party. The boys just figured out how to blow bubbles, and Fred won’t be able to chew gum with his braces, so we had a party!

Wednesday: Our Anniversay. Fred and Bam saw a card at Halmark while we were there a few weeks ago, and wanted me to buy it, but not look at it. I giggled and told them to just remember what it said and make it at home.  The manager was standing there when I said that, and I thought, oh geez, nice one Jackie! But she looked at me and smiled. She then handed the boys a peice of paper and pen and told them to write it down so they wouldn’t forget. They did and they came home and made it for Jason and I. It is so much better that anything I could have bought at that store.  It was a little wrinkled from where they hide it behind their books on the shelf. The little blue paper fits inside the card and slides out, and yes they used the wrong form of  ‘you’re’.  But, you know what?  I don’t care, I love it!

Friday: Lunch,  milkshakes, a nice drive, go cart racing, and my family. Perfect. Except for the lunch, it wasn’t that good.  It’s become a little tradition that Fred takes our anniversary photo.

Saturday:  Nana & Papas!!!!  Cousins!!!  Fun!!!  (Minus 2, nap time)

Sunday: Rest and Relaxation. And my first rose of the season.  (The powder is for bugs, it’s harmless to people and the dog.)

Getting in the Groove

As you can tell from my lack of posting, I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’d like to say I was doing super important things, but that just isn’t true!  School has been out for 2 weeks now and I feel like they have mostly been wasted.  The weather has been so hit or miss around here that planing anything is such a gamble.  On top of that, I’m still working.  Just 2 hours a day, and the boys go with me, but it really breaks the whole day up. I like to sleep in, but I’ve noticed that most days I’m not gettting up until 9, and then I have to start getting ready to leave soon. By the time we get home and do a chore or two it seems like I barely have time to throw dinner together before baseball or soccer practice. We get home late, I get in bed late and the cycle starts all over again. I sit here in our 3rd week of summer and it feels so wasted already. I hate that feeling. I hate feeling lazy, and I guess, if I have to be honest, I hate feeling depressed. 

I know what I need to do, get up earlier, go to bed sooner, and then just relax and stop worring about how fast summer is passing me by. I want the boys to have a good summer, but at the same time I refuse to be their event planner. I don’t think their summer will be very memorable if I have every second of it filled with an activity. Isn’t that what soccer and baseball is for! All around Blogland, I have seen many different Summer to do’s and bucket lists. At first I thought it was a great idea, and started thinking of cheap things we could do. The more I thought about the more the idea started to grate on me. I don’t need a summer to-do list, or a bucket list to weigh down my days.  I want the boys to have a relaxing summer of lazy days and bike rides around the neighborhood, and fun walks on the greenbelt. Trips to Nana & Papa’s house, time spent with Cousins, campouts in the back yard, and church camp.  We don’t need a list of impending doom that we have to do before school robs all time away once more.  So I will try to get to bed at a decent time, get up and enjoy the summer mornings, and relax and take it day by day with my boys.