I have a confession to make.  I suffer from an addiction. It’s quiet serious. It’s much stronger than any addiction I thought I had with Jason. No, that’s child’s play compared to this. It consumes me. My mind is filled with thoughts of it constantly. 

I’m addicted to….

My wonderful beautiful secret sister gave to 2 boxes…. T.W.O freaking boxes of this for our revealing gift. Some people might get offended to open a gift to find candy. But it was Hot Tamales, so it’s OK. Now I doubt this is hardly news to anyone who knows me or knows of me. I think it’s common knowledge. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I need to control myself better. When my own kids tell me I smell like Hot Tamales, it’s probably gone to far. And when my Jason tries to take a few candies for himself I can’t bring myself to talk to him for days. HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY CANDY!!! Even the boys know better than that!
Ahh, but I thought I could outsmart those darned candies…..
I bagged them up into serving sizes!!!! How smart am I??? I’m totally going to have one serving everyday for 14 days! I’m so awesome. 14 days!!!!!
One whole serving.

Whoops…. gosh darn it I can’t even take a picture of them without eating some. Mmmmmm what was I saying???

Saddest picture in the world… sniff sniff. I have a problem people!

Hello, my have is Mrs. Rubble and I’m an addict.


Friday Time Waster

So I’m kinda bored today. Jason switched to swing shift so we could save some money by his carpooling. That sounds great, but, now I find myself bored beyond help most of the time. So I read blogs. Because I’m cool. Kerflop posted this little link and I am wasting my Friday afternoon trying to one up myself. You know instead of actually doing something productive.

Go ahead and try it,so you can be cool too.