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A. Attached or single? Attached!!!!!

B. Best friend? The person I am attached to, Jason. And Jodi.

C. Cake or pie? Pie. I do not like cake.

D. Day of choice? The days Jason is off, but I love Sundays.

E. Essential items? Underwear, definitely underwear.

F. Favorite color(s)? Shades of blue.

G. Gummy bears or worms?Cinnamon Gummy Bears

H. Hometown? Small town, Idaho

I. Favorite indulgence? Hot Tamales

J. January or July? January is cold, but July has its positives to, besides the blazing heat.

K. Kids? 2 ornery boys

L. Life isn’t complete without? My 2 ornery boys, and their dad.

M. Marriage date? June 8th

N. Number of brothers or sisters? 2 brothers, 2 sisters

O. Oranges or apples? Hmmm I guess apples

P. Phobias? Drowning and car accidents

Q. Quotes? Never say never, and never say always

R. Reasons to smile? Jesus loves me, this I know.

S. Season of choice? Spring or Fall

T. Tag 5 people: The first 5 to read this…. that means you!!!

U. Unknown fact about me. There are some things even I won’t talk about!!

V. Vacation of choice? A not hot beach

W. Worst habit? Talking to much

X. Xray or ultrasound? I would hope to not need either one.

Y. Your favorite food? Mexican

Z. Zodiac sign? Gemini, but I don’t have a twin… go figure.



I can honestly say I can’t think of anything I look forward to more than the local county fair. A REAL county fair. The state fair is not a county fair. Period.

The county fair I grew up with is, in my mind, amazing. People come from all over to go to this little county fair. After marrying and having kids, we have always tried our hardest to make the trip back home to go to the fair. The last couple of years we either couldn’t afford the trip, school had already started, or some other reason came up. Last year we did make it. Jason and I were both a little disappointed. Ok, a lot. It seemed very commercial. Like the State fair. Growing up I knew a load of people who entered their stuff. Animals, crafts, plants, historical nick-knacks, and on and on. School didn’t even start until the fair was over because of the lack of attendance during the fair week. It dawned on me during the long drive home, that I didn’t know any of the people who had exhibits entered anymore. I didn’t admit any of this to anyone at the time, but it made me a little sad. This 4th of July we went back to my hometown for their grand celebration. Again it is know for being a great event. It’s the one thing our small town can boast. People come from all over to attend our event. We were so very disappointed. It was almost tragic. We had very little fun. Yes, it was great to see and spend so much time with our family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, Nana and Papa. It was a great time of family fun. But in the back of my mind the weird sad feeling was still there. What were all my friends doing today? Did they have fun at the Rally we always attend? What memories did we miss out on. Whose house was everyone gathering at this year? I wished I was home. OH MY WORD! What thought just passed though my head? Home? Wasn’t I home? That’s when it hit. With a rush of sadness I can’t describe, and an excitement that matched it, I realized my hometown was no longer ‘home’. It’s the place in all my childhood memories, and the location of my parents house, but it is not my home. My home was 150 miles from where I was spending my 4th of July. Once we were back home from our vacation I confided in Jason,my little secret. He was less than surprised. Turns out he had know for a while. I can’t hide anything from that man. All the excuses and reasons on why we don’t make our monthly trip to Nana and Papa’s house anymore. Now it’s more like 2 times a year, maybe more. As the fair season comes closer it came as no surprise to either one of us when we decided that we would not be going to my hometown fair. There are more than a few reasons, but a big one is that we have a perfectly lovely fair right here at home. Jason entered a photo last year and won third place. We were all so very proud of him. The boys were just dying to enter this year. Fred entered a piece of artwork he had made at school. (1st Place in class)

Bam drew a picture using his learn to draw kit he got from his birthday. (2nd Place in class)

Today was opening day of the fair and along with the free tickets from the library we headed off to the fair. There were animals, art, crafts, and other nick-knacks.

We even recognized some of the names on the exhibits! We ran into quite a few people we knew. It felt like home.

The county fair my kids are growing up with is, in my mind, amazing.

I don’t want my kids to have my memories. Those are mine. They need their own.

Tag… I’m it!

Well I was kinda tagged. I was tagged to do it a LONG time ago, but I finally got around to doing it today when I saw it on another blog.

So here it is….

This is a photo tag. You have to take photos of these 10 photos as they are right now. (not cleaned, scrubbed Do not PIMP your house!)

1) The Kitchen Sink

Water splatters and all.
2) The Fridge

I’ve never been very good with fridge organizing. Can you tell.

3) Laundry Room

Ugh, this looks really bad!!!  My Bible is still on the
drier from Sunday.  I need to move that NOW!


4) Kids

Uhhmmm, that’s the same thing they are still doing,
and had already been doing for over an hour….
Shh don’t tell!

5) Favorite Room

The memories that are made in this small living
room are more precious than diamonds and gold.

6) Favorite Shoe

No such thing!!! See the shoes by the door!! LOL

7) Closet

Ok, this one is kinda embarrassing. I usually sort
my closet, by Jason’s shirt sleeve length, then pants
and then my pants and my shirt sleeves, BUT I’ve been
very lazy lately and now I have this to show for it.
PLEASE forgive me!!!!!

8) Dream Vacation

Right now this is the most inviting place I can think of!!!

9) Self Portrait

That looks exactly like me, but I’m a little skinnier. 😉

10) And the Scariest… The Toilet!!!

Girly products and all!!! LOL


Ok so that wasn’t so bad, even though I now realize how much my house really needs cleaning and organizing. I’m tagging all you Bethel Babes!! 🙂

Little Swimmers

Today was the last day of instructional swimming lessons.   Tomorrow is just a fun play day.  The boys have been waiting for this day for two LONG weeks!  I just have to say that they have both learned a lot in two little weeks.  Fred is now treading water, and Bam is now putting his face in the water. Actually Bam is getting IN the water, and not just on the top step. That is a big move for him.  The other day was Fred’s diving board day, and today was Bam’s.  I’m proud of both of them, and was a little jealous of all the fun they had!

Fred doing his warm up bobs. This is the funniest picture!

Fred jumped before I got my camera ready, but he had a good splash.. he did a flip, and then was ‘talked to’ about not during swim lessons! Uhh oh.

Bam tells the teacher that he doesn’t need him to hold his hands. HE can do it him self!

So he did.

This is a MAJOR improvement from clinging to the top step.

Now we need to go to the pool more to put these lessons to work!

Sometimes I wonder.

I really wonder if I would believe my stories if I didn’t live them myself.   I’ll give you an example:

Warning, I feel some serious rambling coming on.  Also most stories begin like 10+ hours before they actually start…. It’s just the way I am.

So there I was, Friday morning on a payday. This is grocery shopping day. Or as I like to call it anxiety day. I grabbed all the stuff that I need and thought I would get some mushrooms to spruce up my morning eggs.  They get boring pretty fast, so I have to help them out every so often. This all happened with no big episodes. We got home, I unloaded all the groceries, did a few chores, regular mom stuff. When Jason got home we went over the receipt together to, ummm, you know I’m not quite sure why we do this, but we do. I got down to the mushrooms and I had bought .98#, so at $2.98 it should be about $2.92… ish. Well I was charged $4.56!!!  I was robbed!!!   So I read it over again and I was charged for Portabells at $4.59#!  I sat there for a few minuted debating what I was going to do, just ignore it or go back and get my $1.64. Considering it cost about $1.64 in gas to drive to the store, did I really want to mess with it?  Well I was on my way to  a birthday party for moms only.  It was on my way, so I might as well. Then I would have money to tip the poor waiter who had to wait on a bunch of yacky females.  The exchange went fine, except for the fact that I was in a grocery store at 6:30 pm on a Friday.  Gross.  Well I thought ahead about my mushrooms being in the hot car for a few hours, so I grabbed my little cooler on the way out the door.  Before going into the restaurant I stuck them into the cooler. I was set.

The dinner was great, the company was better, and I hope the birthday girl had fun.


We talked about normal lady things. Mom things. If your a mom you know what we talked about. If your not a mom/lady, I’m sorry I can’t tell you what we talked about… you wouldn’t get it!  I did get a great tip from Kara. She told me about this pen from Target:

It is straight out of 1989 and has 10 colors in it!!!   I already have 2 or 3 of the 4 color pens, you know for a family of four’s calendar organization.  I know everyone color codes their calendar.  But this pen is also good for little boys who like to draw and color at restaurants and when mom’s have appointments of any sort. TEN COLORS!!!! So I drove straight across the street to Target and found that only 2 remained. I was just in time. One for each boy.  They were turning down the lights as I was leaving the store. I was 10pm.. I needed to hurry and get home.  I got in the car with my pen prize. I put the car in reverse and pulled out of my parking spot. As I pulled up the the stop sign, I remembered my mushrooms. I was curious to see if they were still cool.   I put my hand into the cooler to check and it was quite warm.  Ugh.  So I grabbed the bag, the paper bag that the store so thoughtfully provided. As I lifted the bag out of the cooler, the bottom broke out.  All.Over.My.Floor.  If you’ve never tried to drive with mushrooms rolling around your car floor getting under your pedals, I wouldn’t suggest doing it. I had to pull into the next parking lot, the completely empty one as the store was closed, and play hide and seek with .98# of mushrooms. In the dark.  Sometimes I wonder if The Truman Show could possibly be real………..