Update from the Scale

The evil, evil scale! Actually it’s not that evil, as long as I’m doing what I need to do.  I don’t always do that.

As of today I am down a total of 17.5 pounds since January 5th. I couldn’t be happier about that! Well I guess I would be happier if it were 18, or 23, or 30 pounds, but for now, today, I’m celebrating this great big 17.5!  2.5 more pounds and I get to treat myself to something. At first I was going to get my nails done, but now I’m kinda leaning towards a workout mat.

At 10 pounds I got myself these sweet pants:

C9 by Champion® Womens Mesh Athletic Pants - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window


I love the blue strip down the side, and they are so comfy! I have to roll the waste down on them because they are to big. Good thing they are drawstring!


So what should it be, mani/pedi or a workout mat. Or something else?


Pin of the Week- 9

I love this photo. I spent a good five minutes, or more just staring at it.
Is it drawn on? Is it a body suit? Is it photo-shopped? Is it art? Is it educational? Whatever it is, I find it absolutely fascinating, and beautiful.
The attention to detail, and lines of it is beyond talented. Even if it’s a body suit it is fitted to her body perfectly, same as if it were shopped on. It’s just amazing.
But above that, I can not sit, and look at this photo without acknowledging a higher being. No way, no how did that perfect muscular and skeletal system evolve from anything.  The way everything works together with so much grace and agility, it’s just to elegant to have ‘happened’.

I would love to credit this photo back to a website, but it was uploaded by a user on Pintrest.

Happy Spring

Yesterday Jason and I started a little ‘hoop house’.  My parents gave us all of their old pvc pipes after they built a permanent green house. We went to put it together, but realized we didn’t have any connectors. I had already started the seed, so we had to improvise. This is what we came up with. I got the pallet idea from Pinterest.  I think I’ve blogged about a pallet garden before, but this one just has vegetable starts in it. You should just go to Pinterest and do a search for ‘pallet’. You will get a million ideas!  Anywho, this will work until we can get to the store to buy some pvc connectors. We are so happy with it.


Well we woke up this morning, the first day of spring to SNOW! Oh, how I love Idaho. A lot of people were shocked, but I have to say, snow during spring break isn’t very uncommon. It snowed last year, and the year before that too. But look at my sad little ‘green house’!  Covered in heavy wet snow. I’ll have to go out tomorrow, and lift the plastic back up.  And don’t mind our Ugly Corner. We don’t have a shed yet, so everything gets stuck under a tarp/lean-to thing.  We do in fact refer to it as Ugly Corner. Blugh. See those square frames? They are waiting to become my new strawberry bed!  Go away snow.


Putting some color inside of my world

The weather recently has been so schizophrenic. Snow one day and 50+ degrees 24 hours later. Agh!!  Actually I have been loving it!  It keeps me n my toes and doesn’t give you a change to get bored of it!   But on the gray cloudy days, I get the urge to look at something pretty and colorful. So I bought myself some flowers.  They are gorgeous and make me smile! They light up my kitchen with their presence.


Biggest Loser Results

So the staff at the elementary school that I work at decided to do a little Biggest Loser competition. We all put in $10 dollars and winner takes all. I wrote about this before. Well March 1st was the last weigh in day.  I did not win the money, (boooo)  and I didn’t reach my goal of 20 pounds. The idea of loosing 20 pounds in 2 months is pretty unrealistic, so I had in my mind that just 16 would be great. That’s 2 pounds a week.  Unfortunately I didn’t make that goal either.
I weighed in at 13.5 pounds lost in 2 months.  I am so happy with that accomplishment!  I definitely slowed down during month 2, but I’m not done. I hope to hit that 20 pounds down mark soon. 6.5 little pounds!

I am still loving BodyRock, but after my injections I had to take a break from anything other than walking. It is surprising to me how one week off can totally throw off any momentum I had going. It’s a little discouraging also. I like how Bodyrock has added different levels to their daily workouts, so I can choose based on how my back is feeling. Soccer has started for the boys so I am back to walking during practices. I was a little shocked to realize how much I missed my outside walks. I am glad for the back up inside workouts though, as Thursday it snowed, and practice was canceled, but today it’s 63*.
Hello Idaho Weather!

So to wrap it all up, I didn’t win the money, but I have a good kick start on my journey to being a healthier Jackie.