A Yummy Dinner

My mom gave me a zucchini when we went camping the weekend before school started.  When I was younger my mom would make zucchini boats with all the extras we would have from our garden.   I love them, but was wanting to try something that would maybe spark the boys’ interest a little more.  They are pretty good eaters, but ‘zucchini boats’ is kinda a hard vehicle to sell, ya know? I decided to try Zucchini Pizza instead. When they heard what we were having they sounded a little skeptical and nervous, then they saw the finished product, and it didn’t exactly change their minds. BUT once they tried it they both said it was pretty good.  I just cut it into slices, put a spoonful of spaghetti sauce, a piece of pepperoni and some cheese on them. I put them under the broiler and done. The only thing I would change is baking it for a bit before turning the broiler on.  The zucchini was still very firm, but if you like the taste of it, then no biggy.


Nice Smile

Fred has had his brace on now, for just over 2 months.  It seems like he’s had them on for much longer than that!  On the two month mark I took a photo of how his teeth have progressed. I cannot believe how fast these suckers work!

He has springs on the bottom now, trying to spread the spaces needed for the 2 adult teeth to come in. He lost the baby teeth over 2 years ago, and there is absolutely no room for them to come in.   But now his mouth is looking good, and of course just for soccer he had to get his teams colors!!  Go Red and Black!!

(*This picture makes me laugh so hard, it makes his mouth/chin look ginormous!!*)