We are home and I think the motion sickness is mostly passed. All of our pictures are on Jason’s computer, so after I get them all transfered, I can start posting about days 2-4.   All that while getting ourselves ready for Christmas!



So I’ve been pretty busy (again or still?) getting ready for Christmas, and for our trip to Seattle.  Jason mom wanted to treat us to a trip, and we are very greatful. We have never been to Seattle before, and it will be good to see Grandma at Christmas  time. We got here yesterday and it was a very busy day. we were ready for bed by 6:00.   I  didn’t take any pictures in or on the plane, and am kinda kicking myself over that, but I guess I’ll just get pictures on the way home.  It was a beautiful day to walk around. There was no rain and after we were already out and about we realized we did not need our big coats, just jackets, but we didn’t want to waste our time going back and changing them out.  So we suffered through. Our plan was to go to the zoo with the good weather, but there is so much to do and see that we ran out of time. As I type this Saturday morning, it is raining, so I hope we can have a little break to enjoy the zoo.  If not I’m sure there will be plenty of other stuff to fill our time with!
Yesterday we of course had to see the Space Needle. The boys spotted it from the plane, and it made them even more excited to see it up close. Our hotel is about 3 blocks from the Needle, so once we got our room and all of our things settled in, we headed out.

We purchased passes to ride the Duck today. Jason’s brother was supposed to come in today, but he hasn’t been feeling very well, so he decided to stay home. We do pray that he is healed from his ailment.  Regardless, we will be riding the Duck today.  We walk a little more through the Seattle Center, then took the Monorail to some ‘station’ but it was a mall. My mind and eyes couldn’t take in all the sights and sounds fast enough.  It was a little overwhelming for this small town Idahoan.  I wanted to take pictures of everything, but didn’t want a bunch of silly ones, so I didn’t take very many. maybe I should just mount the camera to me set on video!


The bench had keys on it so the boys played music while we waited for the Monorail.  We walked from there down to Pikes  Market.

The dork in me was so excited to take this picture that I had seen on the internet so many times while researching Seattle and all the things to do here inthe last month or two. I also had to go tot he 1st Starbucks. We were so tired, that we just stopped at the first one we came across. It was not the 1st, but it was good enough. For now. We missed the fish throwing, but we heard them yelling and clapping. It was very busy and crowded at the market. The overwhelming feeling was still very present!

We then headed over the Seattle Aquarium.  A person could very easily spend hours in this building and not even know it.  I’m aware of this because we did it! this is where I got a little photo happy. I’ll spare you all the pictures, but there was so much to see and it is so incredibly kid friendly.  Fred wanted to touch everything possible, which is perfectly exceptible there, but Bam was much more hesitant. He was very scared, but he did touch a few things.


We were pretty tired and getting hungry by the time we finally left the aquarium. We walked back to the Monorail and mande it back to our hotel.  We had no idea where to eat or where to go so we just went to the restuarant in a hotel next to ours.  Today is another busy I’m sure.  I can’t wait to see what we get to do and see!  Even if it’s raining.

Their Just…… Boys

I love how my boys love the outdoors. They are so active and their imaginations are perfectly wild! We went down to my sisters for Thanksgiving, and all they wanted to do was be outside.  I honestly have stopped telling them to not climb. It is a waste of my precious time and breath.  I’m sure this annoys other people to death.  Actually, I’m positive it does.  After dinner we took a short walk to the river, you know, to make room for dessert!  The boys were so happy. They could have skipped dessert if it meant staying there a little longer.  Running, jumping, climbing, exploring, inventing new characters to be. They just love it there. The English language doesn’t have the words fully express how much they enjoy their time outside…. especially when water in involved!  If they are anything like their father this love will follow them into adulthood.  I love to be out there too, but at the end of the day, I’m ready to return to my house and relax.  Not those three. They could pitch a tent and live happily ever after, out in the outdoors. It makes my heart happy to see them in their ‘natural habitat’.