One Decade

This day, 10 years ago at 5:00 pm, is the day that God chose for me to become a mother. He blessed me with the most precious child. He was a perfect baby, he was the perfect toddler, he was the perfect preschooler…. but now, somehow we are to the ‘preteen’ years. Or the tween years, as all the ya-hoo’s are calling it these days.  I know with his heart and stong will  determiation, I will love and treasure his double-digit years as much as I have the first 10. Happy Birthday Fred, and you have made me the happiest any mother could ever dream to be. I love you so much.


Ignoring Responsibilities

This past weekend we spent all day Saturday doing a bunch of  “had to’s”. I got up and went grocery shopping. That is kind of a time-consuming thing for me. I go to more than one store and am a price comparer. I left the boys home with Jason and they worked on straightening up the house. While I was gone Jason called me to let me know that the kitchen faucet had finally sprung it’s last leak and asked if I wanted to pick up a faucet on the way home.
Ughhh……  yeah right. Whatever!  I came home looked on Craigslist to see the list I’ve been watching. The one I really wanted was still there so I called….. she had sold it the night before!! Dang. So off to the local stores…. yes stores with an ‘s’, as in plural. I just said I was a price comparer!  After 4 stores we headed back to Lowes, it was the cheapest, and with the coupon we had just gotten in the mail, it sealed the deal!.  I have changed faucets before, and it’s a pretty easy task. For some reason or another this time was a lot different! Good grief it took about an hour! But we got it in and it looks awesome.

Then Sunday after church we decided we needed a break so we ignored any and all responsibilities we might have had. We drove out to the river and played instead. It was a beautiful day. Jason got a little artsy with the camera, and we got a few really cute photos!

It was so nice to just goof off without a worry in the world. To be surrounded by my guys and laugh with them. Is there a better way to spend a day?

Quick, Fun Craft

I have been spending a lot of time obsessing over  reading different decorating/crafting blogs. I came across this cute little idea that I knew I needed in my life.  Only bad thing… I have looked at so many blogs, I can’t link to it because now I can’t find it!** As soon as I saw it I knew I had all the materials. It was so easy that I did  it Sunday night. At 10:00.  I am a night person, I can’t help it.

Finished project:

This was so easy to make and it was pretty fun. I had to stop by Joann’s to get some paper when I got off work today. I wanted a light soft green, but after putting it together it didn’t look right. Jason thought it had the look of a dollar bill! so after getting the boys from school, I tried again and I love the look the yellow and red has. I normally would not have chosen that, but I’m glad I went out on a limb. Fred chose the location it should go and it works perfectly.

**I found the link, and think if you take a little trip over to Little Miss Momma you will enjoy her blog as much as I do. Hurry go look!


Now that Jason brought my card reader home, I was able to download all my pictures.  Finally.  I was very surprised with a series of photo’s Jason took after a pretty fun storm we had about two weeks ago.  I’m told there was a very remarkable rainbow that everyone in Idaho saw.  Except me. We were at soccer, and there are no rainbows at soccer.  Instead of seeing a rainbow, I saw this….. without even knowing Jason was capturing God’s beautiful skies.

Now if we could photoshop the powerlines out of the way.

Gettin Bigger

Big day in the Rubble Cave.  One mowed the back yard for the first time, and the other has his first loose tooth.  Things are exciting!!!

I was going to post a video, but wordpress is being mean right now and I can’t get it to load.

Garden Season is here!!

I got my ‘Easter Seeds’ in the grown about a week and a half late this year.  I figured it was ok since it’s been kind of a cold spring.  I always have a blast choosing which plants to plant and what to skip from year to year. Last year I decided to plant potoaoes instead of beans and squash. I loved the potaotes I got last year but I have decided not to grow them again this year. I have a new bean ladder in mind but I’ll wait to talk about that as I narrow my ideas! But as for now…. my baby radishes are growing.   So cute.  Thanks to my secret sister who got me a few started seeds! 

I have also been clearing a back corner for  a flower bed. I finaly got myself a Mr. Lincoln. He is my favorite! When he gets bigger he will be the talk of the town.  Mostly me talking about him to people in my town…. I doubt it’ll go much further than that.  But he’ll know I love him. I’d like to think that we are more on a first name basis, though, so I’ve taken to calling him Abe.  My momma gave me some plants from her garden, a savlia, and a cora bell.  I think the will make a fantastic frame for my love,  Abe.  My momma also has some daisies waking up and waiting for me to give them a new home.

Jason has been working on the landscaping bones in the front yard. We are trying to get rid of a section of grass, and to fix a poor soil/grading problem. Right now it looks terrible, but believe it or not but it actually looks better than it did! Jason has learned a lot about spirinkler basics. We are hoping our front yard does better this summer. When the structured are finished I will step in and choose the plants. I’m kinda hoping it takes a little longer because I’m busy!

On top of this we need to finish our deck.  I hope we can figure out a way to fund all of these big projects!!!