Two Photos

It’s almost as if these two pictures that are almost identical could tell two different stories. I love this state.

RupertVaca (28)

RupertVaca (29)



My mom gave me a clematis this year for my birthday. Since I’m 30 now I guess I needed an awesome gift!

It bloomed this week.

SwimmingLesson (28)

Swim Lessons

We just got done with swimming lessons for this year. Fred was in the same level as he was last year, level 3, but Bam moved up to level 1. They say it’s pretty common for a kid to spend a few sessions in level 3. Fred will be doing it again next year, but Bam has moved up to level 2. Fred is a little disappointed with himself for ‘failing’. I keep telling him that he didn’t fail, he just needs to be a little stronger in the water. For someone who needs to excel in everythingthat he does, this isn’t a good enough explanation. I’m sure by next year he’ll be over it. I hope.

Since it was one of my New Year’s Revolutions to take the boys to the park more often, we crossed the street to the city park quite a few days after swimming lessons were over. There is also a baseball park across from the park. The boys had a lot of fun playing one on one baseball. It’s hard to follow the game. Believe me. Rules were being made up and changed constantly. I’m honestly surprised they could remember all of them. But hey, they were having fun. A few days ago we were still at the park when the lunch truck got there. I didn’t realize our town did lunch in the park. I had seen on a website that two schools were serving lunch during the summer but nothing about the park. I asked if they wanted to get in line and they did. We were expecting PB&J, or cold ham and cheese, but no! It was a full hot meal! Two taquito/burrito things, pears, carrot sticks, graham crackers, cheese stick, and chocolate milk. They were FULL. For 20 minutes. Maybe a little longer.   We will definitely be hitting that up again. The best part?  FREE!!  I love it. Only I need to pack my own lunch. Since we weren’t expecting to stay, my stomach was growling smelling their lunches!

We are having such a fun and relaxing summer. It is going by way to fast.  But I am enjoying every minute of it.

SwimmingLesson (30)
Bam learning to float on his own. He now thinks this means he can swim. He is wrong and it’s kinda scary! He just jumps in now, but can not swim.
SwimmingLesson (33)
Fred learning to do the dolphin kick. He’s pretty good, but a little slow. He tires out quickly.
SwimmingLesson (36)
One on one baseball. I think it’s going to catch on and be the next big thing. Mark my words.
SwimmingLesson (39)

What a meal!!

Old Buildings

Jason and I just love old buildings. We love the way they look, the way they feel. I dream about the stories they hold. I wish I knew all of the stories.  We love to go for drives and look at all the dilapidated old houses and barns. We don’t always have to drive far either. I also love the buildings of old downtown. Any downtown, I don’t care where it is! So many people are so quick to tear down ‘some old house/building’ just to build a new, usually unnecessarily too big new and improved building. If only more people were willing to put the same amount of time into repairing what we already have, our economy would be in better shape. We wanted to buy an older house so bad. But at the time, the market didn’t want us to own one, so we built a new one instead.  It still saddens us to know that we could have an older house. Maybe one day, but I guess by then, this house will be older! This 4th of July weekend we went on a drive and got some good photo’s of what we think are stories waiting to be told. Some are less obvious, and some are blaring, but either way they are just waiting for you to quiet yourself long enough to listen.


4July09 (21)


4July09 (5)

3Julu09 (33)

3Julu09 (23)


This year we went to my sisters house for our vacation.  Her property in Rupert boarders a state park, so there was a lot to do.  We had free room and board and all I needed to do was help Jenny with her VBS.   We took our camera but we were a little lazy on taking pictures.  It was a very nice and relaxing week.  It was cut a little short, though.  Jason’s aunt was very ill and in the hospital in Florida, so we left a day early so we could get Jason to the airport for his flight.  Nothing very exciting happened on our trip, only good times with family, so I’ll just post some highlight photo’s.

RupertVaca (2)

Fred climbing during his cousins t-ball game.

RupertVaca (6)

We went fishing but never caught anything.

RupertVaca (12)

But it was great practice for casting.

RupertVaca (27)

And good cousin time.  These boys (minus one who stayed home to nap) played nonstop the entire week.

RupertVaca (59)

We went on a lot of walks.  The scenery was so beautiful.  Bug spray was essential on all of these walks.

RupertVaca (25)

It was even nice when the clouds rolled in and it cooled off and threatened to rain.

RupertVaca (58)

The boys approved of this years vacation and we are all excited to start planning for next year!