Fred rocks the soccer field!


Fred’s soccer coaches put together this little collage for us.  He was awarded best improved from fall to spring season.  I am so very proud of him because I know how hard he worked to improve his skills.   His whole team has grown so much, and they are an awesome group of boys that anyone would be proud to cheer on every Saturday!!

Way to go Fred, I love you!


Mother’s Day 2009

All in all, this was probably the best Mother’s Day I’ve had.  So far. I might say the same thing again next year.

Saturday we woke up and got ready for the boys soccer game.  Fred was a little nervous because they were going up against the number 1 team.  As the number 2 team, he felt the pressure.  


                                  Number 6
The other team has not lost a single game, not even tied. Our team has not lost a game, but we have tied 2 games.  As of the end of the game,  Fred’s team is now the number 1 team.  They won 4-0!!!   Fred played his best this game and he was SO close to scoring his first goal in this season.  The other team had better team work but their defense was a little off this day. Our team could use a lesson or two from the other team on working as a team.  Bam had a game right after Fred’s He scored his first 2 goals of this season!


Bunch ball at it’s best!

Then we came home and crashed after all that excitement. We had a very lazy afternoon before we went to help a friend celebrate his 30th birthday.  Of course, no one brought a camera, but I will tell you that our waiters earned every last cent of their tip!!!  13 adults and 14 kids makes one terrible mess!  Hope you had a fantastic day Josh!  On the way home we stopped at a garden store and I got my Mother’s day gift early. 


Two Yellow Baby Lilies and some Gold Moneywort


Northern Lights decorative grass


Jason got himself a blueberry bush. We are trying it out in a pot.   We’ll see how it likes it.

Today after a wonderful morning at church, which included a card from my secret sister (who is spoiling me senseless) we made a unscheduled stop at our local lake. Only Jason hates it when I call it that. I must refer to it at the local reservoir when he is present.  We went on a little walk along the dam and took in the beautiful weather.  Naturally, I did not have my camera. We came home, and Jason grilled some chicken up. Then I planted my cool weather seed. Carrot, radish, lettuce, broccoli, and onion.  Then….. I took a nap!!! It was glorious! Fred had play practice, so the rest of us did some grocery shopping, and on the way home we had milkshakes.  As we were getting the boys to bed, I was reflecting on what I wonderful weekend I had with my boys, and how truly truly blessed I am. Then I saw this:

Bams Bed 2

Evedentally Bam got bored and scratched his bed with a PAPER CLIP!!!  I can hear all the wonderful women in my life who have children older than my own, telling that one day I will look back on this and laugh.   I don’t think so ladies. I don’t think so.  Fred did something similar when he was about 4, and 5 years later, I’m still not anywhere near een cracking a smile.  At least my earlier nap  prepared my mind and body for what was to come.  I thank my mother for not killing me when I was his age and did stupid things like this.  After the headache I gave myself over this, I still KNOW that I am blessed. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there.