Pin of the Week -6

This skirt from ModCloth so pretty, I can’t even stand it.  But for $60, I’m just going to have to enjoy it from the photo! Yikes.

Holy Pretty.  I want.


Nerve Block Injection

I mentioned before that I suffer from chronic back pain. I’ve also mentioned that I was getting injections this week. I got them Thursday after work.
I was pretty nervous. Nervous for a few reasons; one, were they going to work? Two, 3 needles in my back, and three, Jason wouldn’t be able to go back with me. Which was probably for the best. Jason hates needles. I can handle them, but I just know they are going to cause some uncomfortableness.
Over all the experience was positive. They were quick and did a great job explaining how it was all going to go, and it did. When I got there I was a little nervous, and my muscles were tight, so they gave me a Valium, to relax. I have never taken Valium. Within 30 minutes I was sound asleep! I guess this is why I’m not a druggy! But it sure did make it seem like the shortest Dr appointment ever! They woke me up to go back to the surgery room, and from there it was probably another 30 minutes. The injections weren’t to painful, and the x-ray tech was a past neighbor of mine, so that helped me feel at ease even more. After the quick injections, it was back to the recovery area, and Jason was finally able to come back to me. He had plenty of time to drop me off, run past the library, then go pick up the boys from school, and still sit in the waiting room for a while. I felt like I had only been at the hospital for maybe 45 minutes!

I went beck to work the next day, and ever since, I ‘ve been a little uncomfortable.  I’m wondering if the shots worked.  I’ve been keeping a journal of how I feel, but I’m thinking maybe I should have kept a little journal of a few days BEFORE the injections, too.   I have my follow up appointment on the 27th, but until then, I guess I can only pray that either the shots are doing their job, or that God will help me bear this ‘thorn’.

Another Little Goal

So part of my goal to get healthier was to get off my lazy butt, and do something. Anything. I really stopped working out faithfully when I fractured my back after Bam was born. Before that I had a membership to the local Rec Center, and met up with friends, and ran 3 times a week. I’ve always tried to get in a few walks, or ride my exercise bike every week, but it obviously wasn’t helping to much. My main excuse was (is) that my back hurts. And it does. My back hurts all the time. It never doesn’t hurt. My life for the last 4-5 years.  I think it finally dawned on me that I could sit in my chair, and have my back hurt, or get up, and move, and have my back hurt. Yeah, it took 5 years for that thought to cross my mind. I’m kinda slow like that!

While I was wasting time  scrolling through Pinterest I saw a pin for  I only glanced at the page the first time I saw it, but as I kept seeing more and more pins for it, I finally went back and looked through the page a little deeper.
I was intrigued by the idea of a 12 minute workout.  Mostly because I’m extremely lazy, but also because I am kinda lacking on extra time to do an hour of exercise everyday.
But mostly, I’m lazy.
I saw that they were doing a 30 Day Challenge. I told myself that if I planned to change up my current lifestyle, a little 30 day challenge would be no big deal. Unless I die sooner than I plan……
The 1st day was a 7 minute fit test.  Just 7 minutes!  I can commit to 7 minutes. I got my shorts and tank on, and did their 7 little exercises. Then I laid on the floor, searching for my breath, and waited for Jesus to come get me.   Oh.My.Gosh.  It was hard!

It was hard and I LOVED it!

I love the host, Lisa-Marie, and her  up-beat, happy personality.  I did the second fit test 15 days later, and was so pleasantly surprised to see how much better I did.  Even though I scored better numbers, I was still dripping sweat and beat!  Those challenges are tough! I’m on the last week of the challenge, a week behind the most recent post. They are actually starting February’s Challenge, but that’s okay. I started something, and I AM going to finish it. Well, actually,  I am going to finish a day early. I am getting a nerve block injection this Thursday, and my final fit test is Friday.  I cannot do any strenuous exercise for one week after my injections, so I’ll be walking for a week, and then I’m going to jump right into the middle of February!   I’m finding  that I am really sad about skipping a whole week of Bodyrock! I’m pretty sure I’ll still be checking out the site, just to see what Lisa has to tell me.  She’s pretty motivational like that!!!

And about my back hurting in a chair or my back hurting because I exercised,  I think my back actually feels better after I’ve worked out. Even if I only get relief for 30 minutes, I’ll take it!  30 minutes of pain relief is absolutely wonderful!!  You have no idea.  Unless you also have chronic pain, and then, well you do have an idea.


*****Disclaimer:  Some of Lisa-Marie ‘s outfits are a little on the skimpy side. But her abs are awesome.  Some of the still shots are pretty risque. I just scroll down to the video and workout.  I personally can look past that. If that is something that you can’t look past, you might want to skip  But you’ll miss out on a kickin’ workout!

My Little Goal

So I decided that I need to get a little healthier.  Quite a few reasons made me decide this.  Chronic back pain,  constant heartburn, achy feet, always feeling sluggish, that nauseous feeling when I looked in the mirror…. there are more, but you get the gist of it. I started around Christmas time.  I saw a photo of myself that my sweet sister-in-law posted on Facebook, and I almost cried!
It was hideous.
Absolutely awful.
I started out just trying to figure out where I was at, and where I wanted to go, and then just slowly cutting back. I had decided earlier, before Christmas, that I didn’t want to drink pop anymore, so that was easier to give up. I’ve tried to get rid of pop before, but never made it very far outside giving it up for Lent.  I have not craved it one single time. I do not miss it. I really think it gave me heartburn one to many times! Or maybe I just had to be ready to give it up?
So after a few weeks of mostly just trying to be aware of  my daily habits, my workplace decided to start a little ‘Biggest Loser’ competition.   I came home and told Jason about it, and he told me to do it!  So I gave them my $10, and jumped right in. So 8 weeks, highest percentage lost wins the money.
Have I ever told you I like a good competition??
I LOVE a good competition!
So my personal goal I had to set for myself for the game was 20 pounds. Seriously, I said that out loud and it got written down! On my info sheet!
Why did I set a goal of 20 pounds?  I promise I wasn’t even drunk! That was a sober statement!  The only 20 pounds I had done recently was to GAIN it!  But when I got home and started thinking about it, I decided I don’t care if it takes 8 weeks or a whole year.
I WANT to lose 20 pounds.
I NEED to lose 20 pounds.
I HAVE to lose 20 pounds.
I started bringing my planned out lunch to work. I started eating breakfast everyday. I changed around some of our dinners, and made the rest a bit healthier. I stopped over snacking, and I really really try not to mindless eat!  Today I am 4 weeks into it, and I am down 11 pounds!
I am so proud of ME!
It actually hasn’t been too hard, but I think it is more a mind over matter thing. I really want to do this instead of being told to do this. I really dislike being told what to do.
Ask my mom. She wouldn’t lie!
But as with life I need to keep my head in the right place. I actually hit the 11 pound mark last week, and I think I got a little to satisfied with myself. I went into ‘old thinking mode’. I thought, I had already lost more than half of my goal, what is a little treat gonna hurt?  Well more that a few little treats resulted in 0 pounds lost this week. I am really glad that I caught onto my attitude early, and was able to correct it before I saw any gainage on the scale.
That’s  when I really started to realize, holy cow,
This is all about attitude.
It’s all about choice.
My choice.
What am I going to choose today?  I can’t focus on what I’m going to do later or tomorrow.

Just right now, for today.

Also, I pray. A lot.