I know I don’t typically blog about political things, but I need to get this out, SOOO if you disagree, hit the back button on your computer.

I’ve been getting a few Facebook requests to join ‘End Homophobia Now’ and ‘1,000,000 Against Homophobia’. There are others about how horrible Prop 8 is and the list goes on.  But my issue is with the first two I mentioned. I have been called a homophobic many times before and it gets on my nerves more than anything else.  First I just want to point out what my good friend Webster has to say:

pho·bia  \ˈfō-bē-ə\ noun Etymology: -phobia : an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

Did you catch that key word in there, FEAR.  That is what phobia means people. So to be a homophobic, I would in turn have to be fearful of homosexuals. Evidently in our society there is no distinction between fear and opposition.  Can I just say standing up for your morals and not agreeing with the act of homosexuality is not a fear issue.  I am so tired of people throwing around words and accusations to try to scare others into agreeing with them.  It takes a lot more guts to stand strong in what is right than to bow down before a weak and wicked bandwagon.  My rewards aren’t here on Earth with people I need to please or impress for today. It’s much bigger than that.


The second Tuesday in November.

So today I went to do this:


Afterwards I went to get this:


I did not do this,

just to get this.


While I LOVE this,


I did this


because I believe in this,


and I want it for this:






This was the first year that we took the boys trick or treating.  That sounds funny since they are 8 and 5 years old, but it’s true. We have always went to our church for the Harvest Party.  Our church is in the middle of building on and moving in, so the party was canceled this year.  I have to say that honestly, I was a little relieved. It was just one more thing that I had to add to my calendar and I really wasn’t feeling it this year any ways. So instead we headed down to Nana and Papa’s house and trick or treated with the cousins.

Can I just tell you how annoying crying 1 year old cousins are to an 8 year old? Very. Very. Annoying.
But they had fun. Bam was exhausted by the time we got back to Nana & Papa’s house that he decided that he was going to stay home and not hit the next few neighbors homes. He was a little ticked afterwards that it meant he got less candy, but he pulled through ok. No permanent damage. I couldn’t believe the weather, it was beautiful! It sure made their experience more pleasurable! At least for me! Both the boys had fun and all, but I think that they preferred the Harvest Party. I think they missed the booths, the friends, and all the excitement that revolves around a festival.  I don’t know if they will be asking to go trick or treating again, at least not on the scale that we did it this year, but the mandatory knock on the neighbors door. I do know that they are excitedly waiting for next years harvest party though. Talk about next years costumes started about two weeks ago!!! Oh have mercy……….