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I took a little personality quiz and it rocked.

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A little Update.

The other day I posted about that a wreck I was over a little Sesame Street video, and how my boys are going to grow out of it….. yeah I was a mess.

Well Jason dropped the boys off at my work today as he was headed off to work.  I had a meeting with our children’s pastor right after work we went straight there.  As we were driving to the church it was pretty quiet, and all of a sudden,

Bam says, “Mommy, your sparkly lady who sing 1,2,3,4 was on Sesame Street today.” 
Fred: “Yeah, the blue sparkle lady, but she wasn’t blue, she was regular.” 
Me:  “Oh Yeah it was on today?  I saw it on You Tube the other day.” 
Fred: “Everything is on You Tube!”

Then the conversation went on to tell me the entire storyline of today’s show.  Fred and Bam took turns telling me what happened and who said what, and that the letter was ‘L’ and of course the number was ‘4’.  And once again I was reminded that they are still my little boys……. for a little while longer any ways.


By the way, if you’ve seen the Fiest video, she’s wearing a blue sparkly pant suit.  She pulls it off WAY better than I EVER could!!!!


***Edited to add a conversation I just heard the boys have.***

They were playing ‘guys’ in their room and their guys got a little roudy… I think there was a car accident. You can never tell, those guys are always up to someting. Fred’s guy told Bam’s guy…..  “Ohhh I’m hurt.”  Bam’s Guy: “Do you have any health insurance?”  I didn’t hear anything after than because I was to busy hiding my laughter!!

I Quit!

We are in a small group at our church.   I think that’s just fancy talk for a group of people who get together for a bible study.   Well anyways, we had a game night with our small group last night.  As usual we shooed the kids outside to play. Us adults were just sitting down to play some games, when the host’s son came running in crying.  We’ll call him ‘Justin’.  His mom looked him over and decided he needed to go to the ER, he had split his chin open.  I was headed to the back door to see what part my kids might have had in allof this.  As I came up to the kitchen, Fred came into the house with a very dazed look and he was covered in blood. The kids had been running through the sprinkler, so him being wet just made the blood seem…. um more.  He had both hands on his head and he said his head hurt.  Uhhh, ya think??   One look at his head told me we needed to get to the ER.  So after a shoe search and some ice we were off.  We are no stranger to the ER.   Fred got 4 staples and Justin got 5 stitches.  This takes the stitches/staples count in this house 23. That’s a whole lotta stitching!  We just paid off Bams tonsils, Bam’s tonsil surgery was right after we had paid off Fred’s cast and that happened right after we paid off Bam’s staples!!!!   AGH, so I’ve decided NOT to pay for this new injury.  That should work right???


Ok, so I like to read Katie’s blog. She is the little sister of another friend of mine, Kara.  She recently blogged about her biggest influences in music. I love music. I also love Feist, so I had to click on the link she provided. I was ill-prepared for what I was about to watch! I have been watching Sesame Street for the last 8 years and I love Sesame Street. I love how my boys have become zombies to this show. I love how they giggle over the silliness. I love how they break into song over the ABC’s and counting. I love how they try to guess what the number and letter of the day will be. I love how they think of the puppets as real people. While pregnant with Bam, we took Fred to Sesame Street Live. Fred was swallowed into the storyline.  It was awesome. He was quite frightened of Oscar the Grouch though. As I clicked on the link and the clip began to play I smiled, amazed, how imaginative those Sesame Street fellows are. And then, I burst into tears.  Like a baby. Now it’s all over. My baby is going to Kindergarten and I won’t be watching it anymore. Maybe I can slip in a show here or there when there is no school, but I know that them wanting to watch, and them initiating it won’t be happening anymore. Fred already vocalizes how much of a baby show it is while he sits to watch, but his attention isn’t really there like it ued to be.  I know they are growing up, and Sesame Street is a baby show, but I find it’s the little things that are getting me, not the big obvious things like starting school or riding a bike with no training wheels, it’s things like watching a Sesame Street clip.


There must be something wrong with me!!!

I’m fairly certain…

.. that I’m going to suffer serious heart problems over the Olympics this year.  I don’t know which sport is going to be the final straw though. Beach volleyball? GOOD!  Indoor volleyball? GOOD!  Gymnastics? GOOD!  Track? GOOD! Swimming? GREAT!  Ohhhh it is all so good.  I LOVE the summer Olympics.


My only complaint, besides the heart attack, I’m horribly sleep derived.  *sigh* It is so worth it!

Aug 15, 2008

After a nice week of rest, that was greatly needed, I jumped feet first into this week.  School is getting closer and I have a lot of things that need to be done.  Mostly things that I have put off.  The most important thing: Get a job.  This was causing some stress in my life that I really could do without. I was excited with the possibility to clean the nursery again, but I would have had to do a little subbing on the side to make ends meet. And I didn’t want to get bored.  With both boys in school all day I need to stay busy… keep my brain busy. So Sunday after whining talking to a good friend of mine about not having a job and needing one, my friend, who just happens to be a principal at a local christian school, told me they are looking for subs and kitchen aides.  So Monday was spent agonizing over the application. Ohh how I despise essay questions!!!   But I did it and turned it in.  And then the waiting began.  I heard nothing all Tuesday morning so after lunch I called, you know to annoy the heck out of people. Obviously they were one step ahead of me so I left a message and started to think of ways to keep my mind occupied.  So I started my spring cleaning.  I tend to do this a lot.  It keeps my mind from wandering too far off. Wednesday was a full day of PTO meetings.  Planning the school year activities and what-not.   I got the call during lunch.  I’m sure I didn’t hear the next 20 minutes for discussion! I was so excited about my interview! Then 21 minutes later the reality set in, and so did my nerves!  Luckily our school PTO is filled with wonderful Christian ladies, and I know that if I asked they would pray for me, so I asked.  I am so glad I had the whole day planned with meetings and such. It was great to have that distraction.  Thursday morning came and so did 9:00, the time of my interview. I went in and sat down. I waited for it to begin, but instead that lady started showing me around, giving me a tour. We talked, and it was a comfortable conversation. She told me my schedule and pay, then she paused and say ‘that is if you want the job’.  I was on cloud nine!  I was wondering when the actual interview was going to begin.  It never did. So I guess I’m officially a lunch lady!  Yippeee!  The schedule is perfect. I’ll have work everyday, but still enough time to get some things done while the boys are at school. I’ll even have time to go help at school.  I could not have imagined it being better.  We all need aPTO staff praying for us!!

Random Randomness

This past week was a weird one.  It crawled by slowly, as it flew by.  How is that possible?  The wonderful lazy days of summer are starting to blend with the business of the school year approaching.  Our school starts a little late this year, so I was hoping to get a few more weeks out of the lazy part of summer.  But add in another little one going to school, PTO planning meetings to plan,  wondering where I’m going to work once school starts,  10 year high school reunions, and 6 year old nephew’s birthday parties to attend. It’s all a little to crazy for a mind to handle!   But luckily God knows I’m to delicate to handle all of this, so at least he helped the planning along!  Lets break this down..
1) The kids wear uniforms so clothes shopping is unnecessary, and supplies were purchased a few weeks ago.
2) PTO president needed to reschedule so it looks like we won’t be leaving town for our retreat after all…. plan for one afternoon instead… huge relief for someone who hates to leave the family.
3) Looks like  my church is needing someone to clean the nursery again. I’ve done it in the  past, I think I can manage doing it in the future too! Major releif to our bank account.
4)  The birthday party and Reunion ended up being on the same weekend so I didn’t have to choose which one to attend. That would have been hard for me to choose.

Isn’t God cool? He know exactly what you need at exactly the right time.  Now if I would only listen more often. 

And ofter a hectic week, this is how we are starting this one:

Painting in our underpants, wile their mother does this….

I have to finish these so I can go get Breaking Dawn that came out this weekend.