Here we go again…..

It snowed 3 times this week.  That did not stop spring soccer season from starting. We spent 3 evening this week on the soccer field.  You might be thinking to yourself:  “But it’s too cold!”  Yes, yes it is. 
Maybe your saying, “But it’s still getting dark by 6:30!” Yes, yes it does.  
Or maybe, “So soon? It’s still winter!” Yes, yes it is. 
Or even, “But now I can’t have my 4pm nap on the couch with Bam after we get home!”.  No?  Ok that’s just me then.

The problem with soccer starting back up is that I loose 1.5 hours of my evening 3 nights a week. Fred just loves soccer, so it is worth every snowy day, windy evening, and raining game.  Another plus, I get 1.5 hours of one-on-one time with Bam while Fred is practicing. We either walk around the track or sit in the (warm) car and play games or read.  Soccer and baseball will overlap for about a week or two, but once baseball starts I will enjoy my time with Fred.

*Segway to another topic*

Last Friday, Fred’s youth group went bowling, and we quickly learned that bowling balls bounce! Fred dropped his ball and went to quickly pick it up, he didn’t want to get in trouble for roughplaying at the bowling alley, and the ball got him right in the mouth.  He broke about 1/4-1/2 of both his two front teeth out. He said it didn’t hurt at all, just his lip a little, but he was very upset that his teeth were broken. We were able to get in to the dentist on Presidents Day and they put temporary caps on them. His teeth look normal!  And he never had to step foot into the school with his broken teeth. He was very glad for that.  I have photo’s, but I promised him that they would never get put on the internet, so sorry, no before and after pictures.   I will say it again: My children are not accident prone, they are injury prone!  So from now on he gets to wear a mouth guard while playing soccer!  Those fake teeth are expensive!


Ham Sandwiches

Sunday nights tend to be a fend for yourself kind of night around here.  I typically make a big dinner after church, have it all cleaned up, and then don’t want to do anything for the rest of the day except veg out. I usually just have a small snack in the evening, but the boys always want more. So I make them do it.  Tonight was no different.  I told them to make a sandwich or something, they ran to the kitchen, and got busy.  Jason looked in there a few minutes later, and I heard his ask them what they were doing. I looked and they were making ham sandwiches. With cheese and tomatoes. Sounds good right? Well all we had was grape tomatoes!!!

Bam’s sandwich:


At least Fred cut his in half!  Bam just threw them on!  When he took the first bite his tomato rolled out. I’m lucky to catch the picture!  He didn’t realize he had lost one until I took the picture. 

Silly, silly boys.


With a little help from my friend YouTube, I’m teaching myself how to crochet. I tried to teach myself when I was pregnant with Fred 11 years ago, but the little ‘Learn How to Crochet in 24 Hours’ booklet was worthless. I also asked my Grandma to help me, but when I did the second row wrong she hit my knuckles with her hook. I never tried again. Until yesterday that is. Fred got a loom with some of his Christmas money, and he learned how to use it from a YouTube video. So I searched crocheting just to see what they had. I found a pretty good tutorial, and I’ve been practicing since. I’m pretty proud!

Now I just need to figure out how to keep the edges straight. That angle wasn’t purposeful! I’m glad I gave it another shot because it’s pretty fun.