A Yummy Dinner

My mom gave me a zucchini when we went camping the weekend before school started.  When I was younger my mom would make zucchini boats with all the extras we would have from our garden.   I love them, but was wanting to try something that would maybe spark the boys’ interest a little more.  They are pretty good eaters, but ‘zucchini boats’ is kinda a hard vehicle to sell, ya know? I decided to try Zucchini Pizza instead. When they heard what we were having they sounded a little skeptical and nervous, then they saw the finished product, and it didn’t exactly change their minds. BUT once they tried it they both said it was pretty good.  I just cut it into slices, put a spoonful of spaghetti sauce, a piece of pepperoni and some cheese on them. I put them under the broiler and done. The only thing I would change is baking it for a bit before turning the broiler on.  The zucchini was still very firm, but if you like the taste of it, then no biggy.


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