Goodbye Dear Friend

Let’s see if I can type this without crying.


We had to put down our sweet, beloved, furry baby on Monday.  He would have been 15 in April, and we were so blessed to have been his for 14 of those years. He outlasted everyones expectations, and we are so thankful he did!

As 2 (very) young newly married kids, we went to ‘just look’ at the pound, and came home with a 50 pound ball of fur. We had to sneak him into our apartment! We were moving out in 2 days, but the pound said that they just couldn’t hold him for us. He helped us learn more about ourselves, and life in general. He was waiting by the door as we brought our first baby home. He was waiting by the door as we brought our second baby home.   As the boys have grown up he’s been a constant playmate.

But in the past year he’s slowed down. He was happier inside, than out, but he would lay outside and watch them play. He still lit up when he saw his red leash in one of their hands. He wagged his tail in delight when we walked in the door after school, or running errands.

Until recently. He was tired. He was confused. He seemed sad. We knew his time was near, but we put it off. We prayed God would let us have one more Christmas, and praise Him, he did! It was right after the New Year we started to notice the biggest changes. After 4 bad days we decided we couldn’t keep him here for our good. We needed to make that tough decision for his best interest. So we did. The boys had the day off of school. We brushed him one last time. The boys asked to feed him one last time. We went for one last walk around the block. It was painfully obvious that it was difficult for him. We went to the park one last time, running around and just laughing. We didn’t even care about the 5* weather. It was sunny and clear. It was a beautiful day. He found a chicken bone by the trash and was so happy. We went for one last drive. It wasn’t long enough.  We went to the vet, one last time. I sat in the waiting room with Tiny. Fred wanted to spend every precious second with Java, so he went back with Jason.  Java was held until he took his one last breath.

It was a silent drive home.  The tears waited until we were home. He was not by the door waiting for us.  It was devastating.  After letting the tears flow we looked though hundreds of photos. Pictures we’ve long forgotten. It was the best way to spend the afternoon. Remembering Java’s better days.  Seeing his young face helped us realize how bad he had gotten.  I sit here and think, now I have one more reason to look forward to heaven one day. But while The Good Lord wants me here, I know Java couldn’t be in better hands, and he’ll be waiting by the front door when I get there.


Spring 2009


Can’t you tell?

By my lack of posts recently, I’m sure you’ve realized it is soccer season again!

Luckily both the boys have practice at the same time AND on the same day!  Believe me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I do not know if this has ever happened before.  I am enjoying it while it lasts!

Nothing to exciting has happened here in the Rubble House, just the daily craziness, but tomorrow is a special day.

Tomorrow our oldest baby has a birthday. He’s been with us for so long now, that I can barely remember life without him. And as he gets older, the realization that he won’t be with us forever is starting to sink in. It hurts my entire body to think  about, and my head aches, but for now I will cherish the fact that we’ve been Momma & Daddy to him for 13 out of 14 of his years.

A few days after we brought him home. He was pretty shy for about a week, and then we got to meet his personality. He was a very fun puppy!

He seemed big back then, but looking back at the pictures, he was so tiny. And dark!

He’s been here to give us company, never liking to be alone, he’s always close by one of us, even on long nights of homework and papers. Those days, I don’t really miss!

He’s always been patient and loving towards my human babies. I know he enjoys their company just as much as ours. Especially now-a-days, as it’s their job to feed him. He loves to eat.

Sometimes he gets bored of us and needs some down time. He likes to youtube videos of kittens.

(This is probably why he gets bored of us.)

Happy 14th birthday Java Dog. I loves you!!

A Love Story — Part 3

In December I joined the world of email. It was a joyous occasion, as emailing was still fairly new. At least to me and my school’s computer. I was glad to have a cheaper way to communicate with Jerk-boy. I was quickly realizing more and more that our relationship wouldn’t continue past graduation. I was all scheduled to ship off to AIT a few weeks after I graduated. I planned on saying good bye to Jerk-boy in June, and not looking back. But for some reason I kept the relationship going. If you could call it a relationship because he NEVER called me and NEVER wanted to spend time with me unless….. well you know. I was begining to hate our time together.

During the January drill our platoon leader wanted to make a contact list with emails. I was so excited because I had one to share, and wouldn’t you know, so did Jason. I gathered all the courage I had to ask Jason what his email address was. So we exchanged addresses, and on Tuesday when I got back to school I had an email from him. My heart stopped cold in my chest and my lungs forgot how to breath! I will never forget what that first email said, unless I get Alzheimer’s, and then I will probably forget. The subject read: ‘Testing’, and all the body said was ‘This is a test to see how well I can remember an email address.’ Pretty cute, ehh? I thought so. And that started my addiction to the computer and checking my email every single chance I got.

A Love Story – Part 2

It would seem that when we met, Jason and I were instant friends. We were both new to our unit and platoon, so I think as the newbies and the youngest we just naturally fell into a friendship. We talked to each other about regular ‘going ons’, and about the people who we had drill with. The ones who annoyed us both and the ones we liked. He knew I had a boyfriend and I knew he had a girlfriend, whom I lovingly nicked named La Femme Nikita…. Don’t ask me why. (she was a bit of a feminist) That was about it on the conversations about that. I went home from that first drill, and as any good ‘teenage girl’ would do, I instantly started talking my mothers ear off about all I had done. I went to my friends house and told her all about my time. I told her about Jason and how nice he was, and that little thing that I couldn’t figure out. He was different. He had an air about him. Then it hit me, he had a napoleon complex! You could see in the way he carried himself, the way he walked, how he talked. He was about 3 inches shorter than me, but that didn’t matter much. I had a boyfriend, so I didn’t need to worry if he was my type. But that didn’t stop me from talking about him. After all we were friends now. Who doesn’t talk about their friends? During the next month Jerk Boy came to visit me, but complained the whole time. He just came for the day, he had to be back home. It was such an inconvenience to him to drive all that way just for a day visit. He thought it would make more sense for me to visit him when I had drill. We could meet in the city and spend the afternoon together before I had to be to the base. When the next drill came, he never made it to the city. In fact, when I had called him the day before, he told me he wouldn’t be making it. So I offered to drive all the way to his house to visit, after all it was only 45 minutes past the base. This became the drill. I would go to visit him. He did try to come down to visit one more time, but his tire blew out and he never made it all the way. I drove to get him and we sat in his car until his dad came with a spare. I looked forward to drills. They were like little vacations for me. I got to skip that Friday and the next Monday from school. The platoon Mom was very much that. She was someone who would listen and give advice. The older guys were like crazy uncles, that you love to laugh at. And Jason. He was always there. I knew deep down in my heart that I liked him, but, wouldn’t, or couldn’t admit it. I had a boyfriend and never could I hurt someone like that. Plus, he had a girlfriend too, and I was just a little high school girl…….

A Love Story — Part 1

August- September 1997

I got back from basic training at the end of August, just in time to start my senior year of high school. I had met and started dating ‘Jerk-boy’ before we both had left for basic training. Jerk Boy and I were both starting our senior years, and we were both 18. I was fairly happy with the way everything was going. Jerk-boy was my first boyfriend. I was basking in the glow of being in a relationship. This glow is wonderful, but it can also be dangerous. Jerk-boy lived in a town 3 hours away from mine, so we had a relationship over the phone. I was giving a lot of my waitressing money to MCI calling cards. Jason had just returned from active duty. He was going to finish up his second enlistment in the guard, while going to school at the local university. He was 25, and was dating a girl from his high school years, her name was ‘IT’. He had dated her on and off all through his Army years. He would come home on leave and they would start dating. He would leave, and she would break up with him. When he came home to stay, they thought that would try it again. My first drill wasn’t until September, and that was the first time Jason and I met. Drill was in the city Jason lived in, and I had to drive 2 hours to get there. I was very nervous about going to drill that first time. I was new, and didn’t know what to expect. I was scared to be in such a big town by myself. Would I get lost? Would my little beater car make it? Would I fit in? Would I know what to do? When I got to the base I had to register my car. The person in that building was quite short with me so that only made me more nervous. He pointed me in the general direction of the building I needed to go. I drove around for a bit until I found the building. For such a small base, nerves can wreck havoc on your sense of direction! The secretary was friendly enough and she helped me get settled in my room. Well in a large barracks. With cement floors and metal bunk beds. I was perfectly fine with staying there, only I assumed there would be others there with me. There was not. I was in a huge, cold, and deserted barracks alone. This did not help my nerves. At all. But I bucked up and I got dressed in my BDU’s and made my way to the drill hall. I met our platoon sergeant, and was issued all of my gear. This took forever. Sgt. G. took my on a very vague tour of what I needed to know. While I was standing in the drill hall waiting to follow Sgt. G. to wherever he planned on going, I was standing there trying not to look bored. I saw this guy come into the hall. He was carrying a Maverick coffee cup, and he was walking straight towards us, with such a confident stride. It appeared as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He was the first one to acknowledge my presence. I knew I was going to get along with him right away. He was funny and lively. Not stuffy and grumpy like the other men in the platoon. I was the only girl, besides the 40+ year old woman, who I quickly realized why she had the nickname of Mom. We talked effortlessly. It was like we had known each other for awhile. There was something about him that I couldn’t  quite figure out……………