Too Busy?

I was getting ready to write up this post, and was thinking about how busy, and rushed we’ve been, and I stopped in my tracks when I realized that, that is seriously ALL I ever blog about!  Like no one knows that…. or even really cares!  I mean really did you really come here to read all about how busy I am?  Are you really surprised to learn that we stay busy all the time? Are you new here?

I started to think about all the times how busy we all are, and/or how tired we always are comes up in our daily conversations.  I know for me it’s a pretty common topic of discussion. I think it’s for a couple of reasons.

1) It’s true, and we are just talking the truth.
2) Lack of real, in depth topics to engage in.
3) We feel like martyrs. Like we need a crown or a trophy in honor of how busy we stay all the time. And heaven forbid someone not acknowledge how busy we are!

I certainly hope I DON’T fall into the 3rd category!  In all truth, I think a lot of the time I fall into the second, though.

Of all the things that are on our list…
-Soccer and soccer practice 4 times a week
-Church (that includes prep for my Sunday School class)
-Youth group events
-School events
-Class at CWI for me
-Daily chores, including  grocery shopping and boring stuff like that

Etc, etc….. you get the point. looking over the list, it’s not all that overwhelming, but it just keeps us busy.
Like every.other.

Then I got to thinking about WHY we all seem to insist on staying busy, having every-last minute of our day full.

1) We choose to.

That’s it. That’s the only reason I could come up with. Well, besides the whole work thing.  None of us really have a choice to cut that out of our schedules! But every other thing on our list, or your list is a choice.

Soccer? We choose to shell out the money for our boys to play soccer every season. Because THEY like it.  I think that might be the easiest thing to scratch off our list! It takes up the most amount of time, it doesn’t benefit me directly. It kills our gas budget. It kills our overall budget, and it cuts into the boys homework time.  But the boys love it. They keep their grades up. It teaches them team skills useful in life. It keeps them active. It shows them that we care about them, and the things they like. And it’s fun.

Church?  Well yeah, that’ a choice, but not in this house.  We love the Lord, we love to go, and worship Him. We love to teach the boys, and the kids at church about Him. Jason and I both know a life without Him, and that’s not an option anymore!

Youth group? Same idea as church, but more fun.  🙂

School Events? We choose to send our kids to a school that has a few more concerts and events than the average school. We choose to drive our kids to a different town to go to that school. We choose to put our kids in a school, that we feel, is better quality than the one down the street.

Going back to college? Yeah, a total time sucker. More than I thought it might be? YEP, but still my choice!  I had the option to back out the first two weeks of school, AND get my money back, but I chose to stay in for the long haul!

Daily chores and such?  Yes, they are a choice, but I REALLY don’t want to be eligible for Hoarders!  And my family likes to eat… on clean dishes!


So yeah, I could take a few of these activities out of the line up and have a lot more  time on my hands. I also know that if we were to do that. We would start to get bored!

I’ll try to refrain from posting about how busy we are in the future. It really gets on my nerves!  Ha!






Vacation (Part 2)

We did pull ourselves away from the beach long enough to do a few other things.  Of course we went to the Newport Aquarium. We went to the Seattle Aquarium a few years ago, and we loved it.  While the Newport Aquarium is awesome, and we do encourage you to go, if you have plans of being in Newport, but we were a little disappointed, as we were told, and had read that the Newport Aquarium was much better, and bigger than Seattle.  It is a good aquarium, and because of the tunnels, it is amazing, but it was not better than Seattle. It was maybe equal.  Seattle’s outside portion was more visitor friendly, but Newport’s inside area was really geared towards kids, so either way, we had fun!


We made good friends with a walrus. We named him Wall E. Russ.  Yes, we are a creative bunch…. 😉


A second plan that was foiled was our trip to the Sea Lion Caves. We drove all the way down there, just to be told the elevator was broken, and that we couldn’t go down. We asked to use the stairs and they told us nope. The cave was closed, but that we should feel free to check out the gift shop.  We said nope, and drove all the way back to Newport, without seeing the sea lions. Sad times.  We did a lot of walking around town, we watched the fisherman bringing in their catch, and cleaning and cutting it. We ate. A lot. I dislike seafood, my trip to iconic “Mo’s”, I tried their burger and it was delicious. We tried the clam chowder, and we thought other smaller local places had better chowder.


This was the first time I was able to see the sun set all the way over the water.  And we only got to see it once the whole time we were there. All the other evenings it was too cloudy.  We watched it from our car because it was so cold, but it was amazingly beautiful!


Awe, the drive home. It was bittersweet. We were ready to go home, but we had had so much fun. We drove through the enter of Oregon, through Sister’s. Those mountains were mind blowing! They’re HUGE!  That no smoking sign cracked me up! I love it!  Also, beware, the drive between Bend and Burns is miserable. MISERABLE!!  It has to have a huge suicide rate. I was about to lose it, it is so boring. Blah.


Ahhhh, what a wonderful sight! We were so happy to be home, and to go pick Java up from the vet, where he was boarded.  On the drive home we were already planning our next vacation!

Yellowstone or Grand Canyon?





Window Treatments

This past fall I was looking for something new for our bedroom window.  It was pretty basic.  The ugly  curtains were from our old house, where the window was short and wide. Our new window is tall and skinny. The curtains barely  touched the bottom of the window. I put them up and just dealt with it for 3 years.  Why is it that the master bedroom is always last on the list of things to do?  Or is that just us?  Well anywhooo, after looking around for things I liked, and seeing very little, I finally found and idea!  It’s called a Box Valance.  One look at it and I knew I could make it myself.  For a lot less too. So I did.

First, a look at the awful curtains I looked at for three LONG years. (I forgot to take a before photo, so I put these back up straight after taking them out of the drier, hence they are terribly wrinkled, but it makes for a more dramatic before, yeah?)

Then I cut the boards to the size I wanted.  I was home alone, so there is no picture for that step, though that would have been mighty impressive.  I do need to note that if Jason came to me saying he needed a new saw, I would sing like an angel and hug him!!   I wanted a ‘fuller’ look to my valance, so I wrapped it in batting and stapled it to the back.

I then ironed the wrinkly, straight from the drier curtains, then I cut them up.  I was able to use one panel for the entire box. We really liked the color and the texture, and they don’t fit any of our windows in this house. So, instead of going out and spending money on cloth, I used what I had.  I did the same with the cloth as I did with the batting.

After all the cloth was attached, I assembled all three pieces.  This was, of course, after taking about a 3 hour break to go get the boys from school and to get dinner started.

At this point I sat for a bit and contemplated putting rope around the edge of the box.  I thought it would look pretty, but we aren’t really going for ‘pretty’ in the bedroom.  So after thinking about it, and eating dinner, I decided to skip the rope for now. If I change my mind it will be MUCH easier to add it later than to take it off.  I would have just hot glued it on, so it would have been a very simple step, if you ever want to do it.   I had to spakle and paint where the old rod had been.  Up until now I had done everything by myself, but at this point I needed two more hands. Jason and I attached the brackets and attached it to the wall.  If I had a wrench socket that fit the screw bit I was using, this step would have went a WHOLE lot faster. It was quite frustrating.   I had bought some curtain rings and cup hooks to hang a table-cloth I had bought last year for Christmas.  Again, I had it and it was the perfect size and color so why not use it?   The original curtain had a fairly large hem, so carefully cut it off and kept it for a tie.

And voila!!!  I’ve since lowered the tie down.  I thought it looked off.  And for those of you whose eyes are twitching because it’s off center, I fixed that too. This photo doesn’t show, but the new curtain goes to the floor. I should have taken a side view, and I’m to lazy to get up and do it right now so….   So there is one thing marked off the Master bedroom list of things to do. Now to find the right bedspread, and wall decor. Still.  Ugh.

Quick, Fun Craft

I have been spending a lot of time obsessing over  reading different decorating/crafting blogs. I came across this cute little idea that I knew I needed in my life.  Only bad thing… I have looked at so many blogs, I can’t link to it because now I can’t find it!** As soon as I saw it I knew I had all the materials. It was so easy that I did  it Sunday night. At 10:00.  I am a night person, I can’t help it.

Finished project:

This was so easy to make and it was pretty fun. I had to stop by Joann’s to get some paper when I got off work today. I wanted a light soft green, but after putting it together it didn’t look right. Jason thought it had the look of a dollar bill! so after getting the boys from school, I tried again and I love the look the yellow and red has. I normally would not have chosen that, but I’m glad I went out on a limb. Fred chose the location it should go and it works perfectly.

**I found the link, and think if you take a little trip over to Little Miss Momma you will enjoy her blog as much as I do. Hurry go look!

Garden Season is here!!

I got my ‘Easter Seeds’ in the grown about a week and a half late this year.  I figured it was ok since it’s been kind of a cold spring.  I always have a blast choosing which plants to plant and what to skip from year to year. Last year I decided to plant potoaoes instead of beans and squash. I loved the potaotes I got last year but I have decided not to grow them again this year. I have a new bean ladder in mind but I’ll wait to talk about that as I narrow my ideas! But as for now…. my baby radishes are growing.   So cute.  Thanks to my secret sister who got me a few started seeds! 

I have also been clearing a back corner for  a flower bed. I finaly got myself a Mr. Lincoln. He is my favorite! When he gets bigger he will be the talk of the town.  Mostly me talking about him to people in my town…. I doubt it’ll go much further than that.  But he’ll know I love him. I’d like to think that we are more on a first name basis, though, so I’ve taken to calling him Abe.  My momma gave me some plants from her garden, a savlia, and a cora bell.  I think the will make a fantastic frame for my love,  Abe.  My momma also has some daisies waking up and waiting for me to give them a new home.

Jason has been working on the landscaping bones in the front yard. We are trying to get rid of a section of grass, and to fix a poor soil/grading problem. Right now it looks terrible, but believe it or not but it actually looks better than it did! Jason has learned a lot about spirinkler basics. We are hoping our front yard does better this summer. When the structured are finished I will step in and choose the plants. I’m kinda hoping it takes a little longer because I’m busy!

On top of this we need to finish our deck.  I hope we can figure out a way to fund all of these big projects!!!