In honor of the first day of fall I bought a garland of fall leaves from a local thrift store. I have big plans for this little $2.oo purchased. Stayed tuned to find out what these plans are!!


Sometimes I wonder.

I really wonder if I would believe my stories if I didn’t live them myself.   I’ll give you an example:

Warning, I feel some serious rambling coming on.  Also most stories begin like 10+ hours before they actually start…. It’s just the way I am.

So there I was, Friday morning on a payday. This is grocery shopping day. Or as I like to call it anxiety day. I grabbed all the stuff that I need and thought I would get some mushrooms to spruce up my morning eggs.  They get boring pretty fast, so I have to help them out every so often. This all happened with no big episodes. We got home, I unloaded all the groceries, did a few chores, regular mom stuff. When Jason got home we went over the receipt together to, ummm, you know I’m not quite sure why we do this, but we do. I got down to the mushrooms and I had bought .98#, so at $2.98 it should be about $2.92… ish. Well I was charged $4.56!!!  I was robbed!!!   So I read it over again and I was charged for Portabells at $4.59#!  I sat there for a few minuted debating what I was going to do, just ignore it or go back and get my $1.64. Considering it cost about $1.64 in gas to drive to the store, did I really want to mess with it?  Well I was on my way to  a birthday party for moms only.  It was on my way, so I might as well. Then I would have money to tip the poor waiter who had to wait on a bunch of yacky females.  The exchange went fine, except for the fact that I was in a grocery store at 6:30 pm on a Friday.  Gross.  Well I thought ahead about my mushrooms being in the hot car for a few hours, so I grabbed my little cooler on the way out the door.  Before going into the restaurant I stuck them into the cooler. I was set.

The dinner was great, the company was better, and I hope the birthday girl had fun.


We talked about normal lady things. Mom things. If your a mom you know what we talked about. If your not a mom/lady, I’m sorry I can’t tell you what we talked about… you wouldn’t get it!  I did get a great tip from Kara. She told me about this pen from Target:

It is straight out of 1989 and has 10 colors in it!!!   I already have 2 or 3 of the 4 color pens, you know for a family of four’s calendar organization.  I know everyone color codes their calendar.  But this pen is also good for little boys who like to draw and color at restaurants and when mom’s have appointments of any sort. TEN COLORS!!!! So I drove straight across the street to Target and found that only 2 remained. I was just in time. One for each boy.  They were turning down the lights as I was leaving the store. I was 10pm.. I needed to hurry and get home.  I got in the car with my pen prize. I put the car in reverse and pulled out of my parking spot. As I pulled up the the stop sign, I remembered my mushrooms. I was curious to see if they were still cool.   I put my hand into the cooler to check and it was quite warm.  Ugh.  So I grabbed the bag, the paper bag that the store so thoughtfully provided. As I lifted the bag out of the cooler, the bottom broke out.  All.Over.My.Floor.  If you’ve never tried to drive with mushrooms rolling around your car floor getting under your pedals, I wouldn’t suggest doing it. I had to pull into the next parking lot, the completely empty one as the store was closed, and play hide and seek with .98# of mushrooms. In the dark.  Sometimes I wonder if The Truman Show could possibly be real………..