Better Late Than Never

I was looking back through some of my older posts, and realized that I never posted a post of Fred’s birthday! But perhaps that’s because we were busy with the end of school, and soccer. We asked him if he was ok having his get-together later in the summer, and luckily he was.  He, and a friend went to Tucano’s.  Jason’s mom takes us, and his brother there for their birthdays, so we just added one more. It was very nice to take his friend somewhere he had never been and to not have to worry about having a party here.  Fred doesn’t really like traditional birthday parties. He doesn’t like to be the center of attention in that way. After lunch we came back home and he and his friend played Pokemon and Playstation. Every birthday should be so pleasant!!

(Crummy cellphone picture)

I had him fill out his favorite things. This is straight from a 12 year old boy: (Everything in parenthesis is my comments) 

Favorite Things

Color: Red

Food: Waffles  (He likes waffles so much he encouraged me to spend my Christmas money on a waffle maker)

Music: I like a lot of music like clasic rock (Seriously! He’s all over the place with what he likes. It would be a full post right there, but I think it has a lot to do with him listening to all the music I like, and  Jason’s when he’s in control of the radio.)

Clothes: Track shorts and track shirt and a wind breaker  (Clothes are pretty cheap when that’s the preferred!)

Animal: Dog

TV Show: Wheel of Fortune (How old is he again?)

Movie: X-men

Subject in School: PE  (His school doesn’t even have PE… they have Creative Movement.)

Sport: Soccer  (duh)

Vehicle: Mustang

Gadget: Pocket knife  (Nana and Poppa got it for him for his birthday. We have to tell him he can’t take it out in public!)

Holiday: Christmas

Smell: Dirt  (Really? Gross.)

Drink: Jarrito

Candy: Atomic fire balls and lemon heads  (That’s my boy!!!)

That boy has a really silly personality! I love him to death!

And since we celebrated Jason’s birthday at the same time, the only picture he wanted to help him remember the day was a photo of his dessert.  He turned 40 this year, and was a but bummed for a few days. I wanted to do something big, and fun for him, but he really wasn’t feeling it, so I think maybe next year. It’ll give him time to get over his 40’s blues! Ha!

Strawberry Cheesecake is without a doubt his favorite dessert. I always make it from scratch, and the strawberry topping was fresh and homemade too.  It was heavenly!


9 years old…. a little late.

My Bam turned 9 right before Christmas. We kept it a small family event, since he didn’t seem to interested in having a party. Fine with me!! He requested a cherry cobbler, which we enjoyed after a delicious dinner of french toast.  It was a very sweet and calorie heavy dinner!

He had to blow out a regular candle because I didn’t want to stick a birthday candle in my cobbler. He seemed to like the idea.  And to help us remember 9 year old Bam, when we are old and senile; a questionnaire!

Favorite Things

Color:  Blue

Food: Mongolian Beef

Music: David Crowder Band

Clothes: Lego Star Wars Shirt

Animal: Prairie dogs…. or Barking Squirrel (he just informed me that, that’s what Lewis & Clark called them. I learned something new today!)

TV Show: The Middle

Movie: iRobot

 Subject in School:  Reading

Sport: Soccer

Vehicle:  Tank

Gadget: Playstation 3

Holiday: Christmas

Smell:  Mom’s Black Current Candle

Candy: Apple or Grape Jolly Rancher