Happy Spring

Yesterday Jason and I started a little ‘hoop house’.  My parents gave us all of their old pvc pipes after they built a permanent green house. We went to put it together, but realized we didn’t have any connectors. I had already started the seed, so we had to improvise. This is what we came up with. I got the pallet idea from Pinterest.  I think I’ve blogged about a pallet garden before, but this one just has vegetable starts in it. You should just go to Pinterest and do a search for ‘pallet’. You will get a million ideas!  Anywho, this will work until we can get to the store to buy some pvc connectors. We are so happy with it.


Well we woke up this morning, the first day of spring to SNOW! Oh, how I love Idaho. A lot of people were shocked, but I have to say, snow during spring break isn’t very uncommon. It snowed last year, and the year before that too. But look at my sad little ‘green house’!  Covered in heavy wet snow. I’ll have to go out tomorrow, and lift the plastic back up.  And don’t mind our Ugly Corner. We don’t have a shed yet, so everything gets stuck under a tarp/lean-to thing.  We do in fact refer to it as Ugly Corner. Blugh. See those square frames? They are waiting to become my new strawberry bed!  Go away snow.




Last week the boys were still on Christmas break, while I had to go back to work. I’m very lucky, and blessed to have a job (and a boss) that allows me to bring the boys along with me.  It was hard to call our break ‘Christmas’ Break though.  The weather was gorgeous almost the whole 2 weeks.   After work one day, we decided to take a walk by the lake.  It was frozen earlier in the month, but it is mostly thawed now.  When I stepped on the ice it cracked, and water seeped through, but the boys were still able to play on it, though the rock throwing was pretty lame. But who ever let that stop them before? We are so lucky to have such a pretty area so close to our home. (4 miles)    I’m loving the weather, but the farmers daughter inside me knows we need the snow!

February Fun

Since we are having some cold weather a little later in the winter than we are used to, we decided to make a little fun out of it.  Last weekend we took the boys out sledding.  It was a beautiful sunning day, and not windy at all. It was so much fun and the boys were hilarious! All three of them.

Notice him covering his mouth- no picture of his teeth! Also notice the swimming goggles… he swears up and down that they are needed to keep the snow out of his eyes.

It’s a little hard to make it back up the hill quickly when the sled is as big as you!

Yes, he was very sore the next day, why do you ask? I went down only twice and learned that I am not built to sled anymore!

The Fair. Part 2

We headed down to my parents house this weekend to go to The Fair. I talked before about this fair. I am happy to see that it is gaining a space in my childrens heart, as the years pass.  We had a really fun time. I learned how to make old rides new and scary again.

 Sit back and watch as some weird dude straps your 7 & 10 year olds into a cage and sends them whipping around 56 ft up at 10-15 mph!
My heart stopped beating multiple times, and I won’t confirm or deny any screaming on my part. My feet were firmly on the ground the entire time too.   They loved every minute of it, Fred went twice. Bam decided to wait until next year to go again. Instead he tried for something a little less vomit inducing.

The fun house he lovingly refered to as the ‘Wipe Out Building’. Complete with the Shak-a-lator, Spinning Bases, and the Wash Tub.  (The plumber butt …. that’s my favorite little red-headed girl.  She lets me hold her whenever I want. )

Much fun was had the fair the year.

Ignoring Responsibilities

This past weekend we spent all day Saturday doing a bunch of  “had to’s”. I got up and went grocery shopping. That is kind of a time-consuming thing for me. I go to more than one store and am a price comparer. I left the boys home with Jason and they worked on straightening up the house. While I was gone Jason called me to let me know that the kitchen faucet had finally sprung it’s last leak and asked if I wanted to pick up a faucet on the way home.
Ughhh……  yeah right. Whatever!  I came home looked on Craigslist to see the list I’ve been watching. The one I really wanted was still there so I called….. she had sold it the night before!! Dang. So off to the local stores…. yes stores with an ‘s’, as in plural. I just said I was a price comparer!  After 4 stores we headed back to Lowes, it was the cheapest, and with the coupon we had just gotten in the mail, it sealed the deal!.  I have changed faucets before, and it’s a pretty easy task. For some reason or another this time was a lot different! Good grief it took about an hour! But we got it in and it looks awesome.

Then Sunday after church we decided we needed a break so we ignored any and all responsibilities we might have had. We drove out to the river and played instead. It was a beautiful day. Jason got a little artsy with the camera, and we got a few really cute photos!

It was so nice to just goof off without a worry in the world. To be surrounded by my guys and laugh with them. Is there a better way to spend a day?