Just a Little Somethin’ to Dwell on.


So this woman buys a McDonald’s hamburger and fries. She sets it out on the counter and takes a picture  of it. I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t?  Seriously. Well, she continues to photograph this fine specimen.  For 1000 days.  Yes.

One.Thousand.Days.   I did the math for you…. that’s 142 weeks. Or 32.8 Months. OR 2 years and 8 months.

Sally Davies Flicker

This is not exclusively a McDonald’s issue. It’s any place that uses highly processed, highly preserved food. We’ve all eaten it. We’ve all hit the drive through when time was short, or wanted a lazy meal.  But stop and think for a minute about the last time you cleaned out your car and you found that hidden fry that shimmied in between the seats, and found a nice home under the bench seat. It was there for months, yet it still looks like it did the day you purchased it.  There’s your warning that you’re not eating real food.  Real food rots!!!

Please eat real food!


Old Buildings

Jason and I just love old buildings. We love the way they look, the way they feel. I dream about the stories they hold. I wish I knew all of the stories.  We love to go for drives and look at all the dilapidated old houses and barns. We don’t always have to drive far either. I also love the buildings of old downtown. Any downtown, I don’t care where it is! So many people are so quick to tear down ‘some old house/building’ just to build a new, usually unnecessarily too big new and improved building. If only more people were willing to put the same amount of time into repairing what we already have, our economy would be in better shape. We wanted to buy an older house so bad. But at the time, the market didn’t want us to own one, so we built a new one instead.  It still saddens us to know that we could have an older house. Maybe one day, but I guess by then, this house will be older! This 4th of July weekend we went on a drive and got some good photo’s of what we think are stories waiting to be told. Some are less obvious, and some are blaring, but either way they are just waiting for you to quiet yourself long enough to listen.


4July09 (21)


4July09 (5)

3Julu09 (33)

3Julu09 (23)

So much for a lazy Labor Day

So after staying in bed until 8:45 this morning, forced out of my warm cacoon only because the calling of nature was to much for me to ignore, I decided I wasn’t going to do a thing today. I had big plans of nothingness!  So to start the day off right I made breakfast.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking I fed my family a bowl of cereal. No way. I made a big breakfast of biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, potatoes and strawberry milk. Evidently I had forgotten my plans for laziness. I remembered as soon as we were done eating and I had to do dishes. Yuck. But I figured I’d better get them done and out of the way so I could do nothing for the rest of the day.  As I hung up the dish towel, I remembered I had to fill the boys backpacks with all the school supplies I had bought months ago. After all school starts tomorrow. We can’t be throwing stuff in the packs tomorrow morning! So I pulled out Walmart bag after Walmart bag, all stuffed full of junk school supplies. I went through the lists and first filled Bam’s bag than then Fred’s. I soon realized I had missed some things on the list.  I don’t think I need to tell anyone that this made me just a little angry.  Now I had to get dressed darn it!  Grrr!  So after we were all dressed we were off to China Walmart. We got most of the supplies, but they didn’t carry the water bottle we needed. So we went to Joe’s, which we were going to go to anyways because we bought Bam a pair of soccer cleats last week, only to get home and find the missing match to the pair of size 11’s we already had. Duh.  Joe’s water bottles were to expensive. So we shot down to Target. We would get whatever they had and the teacher would deal or the teacher would buy him one herself.  Lucky for the teacher they had some water bottles on clearance, exactly what we were looking for too!  Yippy!  So then we went home. I got straight into my pajama’s because I had planned this wonderful lazy day.  I sat at the computer and wasted sometime as the boys played outside and Jason was reading. I did some work on my Sunday school website. It was nice and quiet.  Then I got bored. I hate to get bored.  So Jason and I went out to see what the boys were up to and then we picked some tomatoes. I thing we picked a ton. To add to the ton we already have in the house.

**Background side note**  This spring Jason and I got in a teensy tiny argument about how many tomatoes we needed to plant. I said one… 2 tops.  Jason said four.  I said jump off a cliff you idiot.  No I didn’t say that to him. Out loud. I planted  2 starts and was happy as a clam. Then all the leaves were stripped off both my plants by a rodent of unusual size (name that movie). I went and got 2 more starts to replace my lost ones. Then Jason planted 2 starts that he had started in the house way to late. After he did that my rodent plants came back to life! Resurrected from the dead!  We now have 6 plants!  Four celeberty and and 2 romas. Today Jason said he would never question a daughter of a farmer ever ever again.

**Back to regularly scheduled blogging** We picked a whole bowl full of tomatoes today from this tomato jungle:

After bringing them in the house and realizing that I can no longer push them into the corner of my counter, I got to work. I had the whole assembly line set up when I realized I had NO freezer bags. AGH! So back into my regular clothes and in the car and down to the grocery store for a box of Ziploc’s. I decided to grab a pizza sandwich too, because who knew when I was going to be done. Back home again I got the water boiling and set to work.
Step 1: Boil tomatoes for about 45 seconds. Only long enough to release the skins. This also sets the freshness blah blah blah…..

Step2: Transfer over to cold water. Some people say ice water, but that really doesn’t matter. As long as the water is colder than boiling, you will stop the cooking. You should use your popcorn bowl for this step. It’s very important.

Step 3: Remove the skins and core. I use a melon baller to core, as it’s fast and efficient.

Step 4: I cut them in half for this step, but my mom doesn’t. She’s the one who taught me all about freezing and, well all of my kitchen suaveness. Ummm… well most of it anyways, some of it was trial and error. But anywho…

Step 5: Squeeze the daylights outa that sucka’! I like spaghetti sauce, not water sauce. That’s just me though.

Step 6: Stop for a moment to go get a vicodin, lay on the floor and remember your childbirth breathing because your back is spasming.

Step 7: Set them in a colander to drain a bit more. Forget to take a picture of this step. That’s important too.

Step 8: Measure one pound into a quart sized Ziploc baggy and squeeze ALL the air out of it, lay it flat and freeze.

Step 9: Praise God for thinking up tomatoes in February when you make spaghetti out of fresh frozen tomatoes. It’ll make your winter a little brighter. I promise!

Now I sit here looking at the clock wondering where my lazy day off went. Where oh where?

Gone Green?

I will admit to falling prey to some of the ways of the green living. We have switched every single light in our home to compact fluorescent light bulbs, we have a recycling center in our garage, and we don’t throw anything away that can and should be recycled.  We’ve always been bothered by frivolous waste, such as excessive clothing, home, car, etc. We try our hardest to be as responsible as we can be when it comes to taking care of this beautiful world that God made for us.

This being said, I think there comes a time when you have to draw a line.  As I was searching around different sites and blogs I ran across something very gross interesting.  Cloth toilet paper. No no no. This is awful!!! I can handle cloth diapers and baby wipes, but adult cloth toilet paper is just wrong!! All I can think of is the condition of my washing mashing after a load.  Pun intended??? 

I think I will stick with recycling our trash.  How about you?