We went out to our favorite spot along the Snake River Canyon during a pretty significant dust/wind storm. It was so windy that I could not get any decent pictures.  I almost didn’t post these, since the quality s so poor, but I decided that they really show how windy it was! We had a pretty good time!

Lots of yard work was done. This topic needs to have it’s own post. The hard-scaping is what’s taking the longest, plus Jason keeps adding to it, making it take even longer. Kinda a 1+1=2 thing, huh?

We love to go out to Owyhee Lake, but we really don’t go as often as we should. Also, we need a new raft because 1) this one is to small for our family now, and 2) it has a slow leak, which prevented me from trusting it to hold me up!

Evidently Bam uses the camera to take fashion shots of Java when I’m not looking.  He makes a good model. This also explains why the battery is always dying.

Bam is quite the model himself! We got a little overwhelmed with all the back to school shopping so we detoured. He saw these women’s slippers and decided to try them on for me. I think they make the man!

A little family time back in my home town. The girl cousins give Jason his girl time, and they don’t seem to mind his rough play! They beg him to swing them around and act dead so they can beat him up! It is so fun to watch them play and have so much fun.

This baby girl wanted nothing to do with Jason Time and everything to do with Auntie time.  Who could say no to that? Not me, that’s who.  Lots of snuggle time, her and I.  Her momma got a lot done with all of her babies having someone else to hang on to!

Fred is so good with his baby cousins. He likes to play soft with them when he thinks no one is watching. And because of this, I had to take pictures on the sly. This equals cruppy photo’s.

The reason for our trip to Hometown, was because my cousin was getting married. We left the boys with Nana and Papa, and left a few hours early for some much needed alone time. What do you and your Sweet do with your alone time?  Go to the mall, get bored and walk the canyon rim?  Us too!  It’s my fave!

My older Sis and I, both not paying attention to our pictures being taken. Nice. Just nice.

On the road again.  Good bye Hometown, We will see you later. The drive home reminded us just how bad the fires have been this year, and just how close they are getting to towns. Scary.

A quick trick to the capitol for a Dr appointment for my main squeeze. And since i had promised to take the boys to their favorite park before school started, we decided to save gas and make one trip. We packed a dinner and make a date out of it. I just love this park as much as the boys. We hiked the trails (no pictures of the boys-they took their own way), played a little Frisbee, and played on the playground.  They good thing about our boys being small for their age? No one knows our 12 year old is playing with their 8 year old!  Not that our 12 year old would initiate any kind of conversation or play with any other living being, unless they’ve known each other for at least 10 years. It just isn’t going to happen!

We have decided that we are too old and/or broken to go camping anymore. With my back, and Jason’s knees, sleeping on the ground is enough to make tears come to my eyes. BUT I love camping!  So Jason surprised us with a back yard, best of both worlds camping trip. He got hotdog makings, smore’s makings, and started a fire in our pit, and  we all had a great evening around the fire. When we all got sleepy, we poured water on the fire, came in, showered, and went to bed. In our nice, soft, warm beds. It was a night we will treasure for a long time. In our talking with the boys we learned that the don’t like tent sleeping either!  We’re a spoiled bunch.

School starts on the 4th of September. I hope we can make a few more memories before that day comes, but if not, I hope we can all just sit back and enjoy this last drink of summer we have together.


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