Pinterest Review #1

So for my first review I decided to make taco shells in the oven.



I’ve seen this pinned over, and over, so I figured I’d try it out. We have tacos once every two weeks, if not more often. It is my easy go to meal. I either make soft tacos with flour tortillas, or crunch boxed shells. I am trying to phase out as much boxed food as I can from my pantry. But, on the other hand I hate frying up my own shells because they are so greasy, and I hate the way my house smells after frying anything in my house. I never fry things. Blah.

I took a bunch of pictures, and somehow they all got lost??  They are not on my SD card. A few made it to the card, but they are not relevant.  Grrr. How does that happen? So my first review is kind of a bust.

BUT, I will share my opinion!  First I changed two things;
1: I only sprayed only one side of the tortillas.
2: I turned my oven up to 400*.  I was opening, and closing my oven door so often to check on them I decided it needed to be turned up.

At first it was kind of hard to get them on the racks, I was afraid I was going to burn myself, and was using my tongs, but then after ripping one tortilla and dropping the others through the bars, I got the hang of it, and used my hands. I left them in until they were pretty crunchy. All except one, Jason prefers softer shells.  He also hates corn tortilla, which is what I used.

*Imagine picture of finished shells here.*

Final opinion:  I’m pretty sure I will try this again. They were a little chewy, but they crunch was good. I think that if I sprayed both sides it might help the chewiness.  I would say this is definitely worth trying if you usually fry your shells. They are not greasy at all. The boys loved them!

*Imagine picture of my plate, with filled taco*

I would recommend them.


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