Pin of the Week- 9

I love this photo. I spent a good five minutes, or more just staring at it.
Is it drawn on? Is it a body suit? Is it photo-shopped? Is it art? Is it educational? Whatever it is, I find it absolutely fascinating, and beautiful.
The attention to detail, and lines of it is beyond talented. Even if it’s a body suit it is fitted to her body perfectly, same as if it were shopped on. It’s just amazing.
But above that, I can not sit, and look at this photo without acknowledging a higher being. No way, no how did that perfect muscular and skeletal system evolve from anything. ¬†The way everything works together with so much grace and agility, it’s just to elegant to have ‘happened’.

I would love to credit this photo back to a website, but it was uploaded by a user on Pintrest.


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