Pin of the Week- 9

I love this photo. I spent a good five minutes, or more just staring at it.
Is it drawn on? Is it a body suit? Is it photo-shopped? Is it art? Is it educational? Whatever it is, I find it absolutely fascinating, and beautiful.
The attention to detail, and lines of it is beyond talented. Even if it’s a body suit it is fitted to her body perfectly, same as if it were shopped on. It’s just amazing.
But above that, I can not sit, and look at this photo without acknowledging a higher being. No way, no how did that perfect muscular and skeletal system evolve from anything.  The way everything works together with so much grace and agility, it’s just to elegant to have ‘happened’.

I would love to credit this photo back to a website, but it was uploaded by a user on Pintrest.


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