Happy Spring

Yesterday Jason and I started a little ‘hoop house’.  My parents gave us all of their old pvc pipes after they built a permanent green house. We went to put it together, but realized we didn’t have any connectors. I had already started the seed, so we had to improvise. This is what we came up with. I got the pallet idea from Pinterest.  I think I’ve blogged about a pallet garden before, but this one just has vegetable starts in it. You should just go to Pinterest and do a search for ‘pallet’. You will get a million ideas!  Anywho, this will work until we can get to the store to buy some pvc connectors. We are so happy with it.


Well we woke up this morning, the first day of spring to SNOW! Oh, how I love Idaho. A lot of people were shocked, but I have to say, snow during spring break isn’t very uncommon. It snowed last year, and the year before that too. But look at my sad little ‘green house’!  Covered in heavy wet snow. I’ll have to go out tomorrow, and lift the plastic back up.  And don’t mind our Ugly Corner. We don’t have a shed yet, so everything gets stuck under a tarp/lean-to thing.  We do in fact refer to it as Ugly Corner. Blugh. See those square frames? They are waiting to become my new strawberry bed!  Go away snow.



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