Biggest Loser Results

So the staff at the elementary school that I work at decided to do a little Biggest Loser competition. We all put in $10 dollars and winner takes all. I wrote about this before. Well March 1st was the last weigh in day.  I did not win the money, (boooo)  and I didn’t reach my goal of 20 pounds. The idea of loosing 20 pounds in 2 months is pretty unrealistic, so I had in my mind that just 16 would be great. That’s 2 pounds a week.  Unfortunately I didn’t make that goal either.
I weighed in at 13.5 pounds lost in 2 months.  I am so happy with that accomplishment!  I definitely slowed down during month 2, but I’m not done. I hope to hit that 20 pounds down mark soon. 6.5 little pounds!

I am still loving BodyRock, but after my injections I had to take a break from anything other than walking. It is surprising to me how one week off can totally throw off any momentum I had going. It’s a little discouraging also. I like how Bodyrock has added different levels to their daily workouts, so I can choose based on how my back is feeling. Soccer has started for the boys so I am back to walking during practices. I was a little shocked to realize how much I missed my outside walks. I am glad for the back up inside workouts though, as Thursday it snowed, and practice was canceled, but today it’s 63*.
Hello Idaho Weather!

So to wrap it all up, I didn’t win the money, but I have a good kick start on my journey to being a healthier Jackie.


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