Nerve Block Injection

I mentioned before that I suffer from chronic back pain. I’ve also mentioned that I was getting injections this week. I got them Thursday after work.
I was pretty nervous. Nervous for a few reasons; one, were they going to work? Two, 3 needles in my back, and three, Jason wouldn’t be able to go back with me. Which was probably for the best. Jason hates needles. I can handle them, but I just know they are going to cause some uncomfortableness.
Over all the experience was positive. They were quick and did a great job explaining how it was all going to go, and it did. When I got there I was a little nervous, and my muscles were tight, so they gave me a Valium, to relax. I have never taken Valium. Within 30 minutes I was sound asleep! I guess this is why I’m not a druggy! But it sure did make it seem like the shortest Dr appointment ever! They woke me up to go back to the surgery room, and from there it was probably another 30 minutes. The injections weren’t to painful, and the x-ray tech was a past neighbor of mine, so that helped me feel at ease even more. After the quick injections, it was back to the recovery area, and Jason was finally able to come back to me. He had plenty of time to drop me off, run past the library, then go pick up the boys from school, and still sit in the waiting room for a while. I felt like I had only been at the hospital for maybe 45 minutes!

I went beck to work the next day, and ever since, I ‘ve been a little uncomfortable.  I’m wondering if the shots worked.  I’ve been keeping a journal of how I feel, but I’m thinking maybe I should have kept a little journal of a few days BEFORE the injections, too.   I have my follow up appointment on the 27th, but until then, I guess I can only pray that either the shots are doing their job, or that God will help me bear this ‘thorn’.


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