What to do When a New Baby Comes; A Tutorial

And of course I am talking about the kind of baby someone else has. Because I don’t really want anymore of the other kind!  My Brother and Sis-in-Law had a little baby boy on Thursday night, and it was a killer waiting the few hours to go home to see them!

Step one: Throw a bunch of stuff in a laundry basket, and call it packing.

Step two: Make a bunch of meals for the mamma to throw in her freezer, pick up the boys an hour early, so they still get credit for being in school, but you can still fool yourself into the idea that you’re getting a head-start.  Also you need to not take any pictures of this step.

Thumbnail for version as of 23:32, 9 March 2007

Step three: Drive 2 long and miserable hours while your kids play their DS’s (aka: the greatest invention in the world) Find out later that the 11 y/o kept his earbuds in pretending to listen to things, so I wouldn’t bother him. Nice.

Step three point five: Stop halfway for some nourishment. Tea and a fiber bar. Heck yeah. Continue driving at a safe speed, one that makes you think you’re a rebel for speeding, but also one that draws no negative attention your way. It also helps to have the radio on for the full 2 hours.  Up until a few years ago there were miles that there was no coverage. I am very thankful for our technology!

Step three point seventy five: Get ridiculously excited when you finally reach your exit, because you know there are only 30 more miles to go!

Step four: Wait with big sister for Momma, Dad, and Baby to get to Nana & Papa’s house. Little sister doesn’t seem to realize the severity of what is to come……

Step five: HOLD THAT BABY!!!  Even if Baby appears to have better things to do than hang out with Auntie.

Step six: Take eleventy thousand photos of the Wee One.

Step seven: Hang out with your own kids for a while, preferably at the Perrine Bridge on a beautiful 55* winter day.

Step eight:Take eleventy thousand more photos of the baby for the birth announcement.

Step nine: Miss your hubby whom you left at home with the dog, and rush home to him, thankful that you get to sleep all through the night because someone else just had a baby, and not you!


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