9 years old…. a little late.

My Bam turned 9 right before Christmas. We kept it a small family event, since he didn’t seem to interested in having a party. Fine with me!! He requested a cherry cobbler, which we enjoyed after a delicious dinner of french toast.  It was a very sweet and calorie heavy dinner!

He had to blow out a regular candle because I didn’t want to stick a birthday candle in my cobbler. He seemed to like the idea.  And to help us remember 9 year old Bam, when we are old and senile; a questionnaire!

Favorite Things

Color:  Blue

Food: Mongolian Beef

Music: David Crowder Band

Clothes: Lego Star Wars Shirt

Animal: Prairie dogs…. or Barking Squirrel (he just informed me that, that’s what Lewis & Clark called them. I learned something new today!)

TV Show: The Middle

Movie: iRobot

 Subject in School:  Reading

Sport: Soccer

Vehicle:  Tank

Gadget: Playstation 3

Holiday: Christmas

Smell:  Mom’s Black Current Candle

Candy: Apple or Grape Jolly Rancher


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