That’s So Raven

Or  so Jackie…. I don’t really know Raven, so I probably shouldn’t be spreading rumors about her.

Anyways, I was wasting time this evening on Pinterest, and I came across this little poster:

Oh man, I maybe can relate!!!  It was kind of a busy week. Four days of soccer, one of which was an away game at 5:00pm on a week night, work, homework, getting our youth group activity finalized for Friday night, the housework, breathing. All that important stuff. To top all of it off, after a month of knowing I needed to get a family picture into the church for the new directories, I emailed it into the office last night at 10:30….. So they could print this morning. It’s a stellar picture. My hair is a mess, and I have no makeup on. Jason had just walked in the door after an 11 hour day, Fred and Bam were woken up after having been asleep for the last hour. Yep, you guessed it. We took the picture at 10:00 the night before the it was due! So, yeah, sometimes when we have a billion things going on, even though I love all the things we are involved in, I get a little excited if I get to mark one off the calendar!  What makes me smile even more, is knowing I’m not the only one.




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