Once Again,

School has started, work has begun, we’re back in soccer.  We no longer have time for anything.  I get a moment to sit, and relax on the computer, and blogging is the last thing I want to do. I haven’t even been reading very many blogs.  As usual I feel like I need a more structured schedule.  Once I sat down, and tried to figure one out, I realized that it’s not that I just don’t have time to do all these things, they just aren’t my priority right now.  After working and running around all day, I would rather sit, and chat with Jason or the boys, than sit, and blog about how busy I am, or about my boring-to-you day.  Who really cares that I sit at the soccer park Monday- Thursday, or that Bam is working on his multiplication, or even that Fred is getting better at the violin.  I care, but enough to put it on the interwebs???  Not really.  We are doing other fun things besides the ho-hum day-to-day things, but when it all boils down to my free time, I don’t want to sit here, and stress over writing anything.

Then I think, “Well, Jackie, in a few years when the boys are older and they don’t need you to drive them around town, or they are heading off to live somewhere else, you’ll have plenty of time to write.  And just think, Jackie, you’ll be older too, and your memory will be shot, you’ll not remember any of these boring old daily grind memories.  Won’t you be sorry then, Jackie? Won’t you be sorry then.”
Of course I had to answer Myself because I was feeling pretty convicted at this point. “You’re right Self,” I answered. “I really need to take better care to record our daily boringness, so I can share these memories with my family, and so I have something reference to when I’m old.  You always know how to straighten things out, and put them in perspective, Self. Thanks.”
“No problem Jackie, I’m only here to help.”

Awww, I’m so glad I have someone to talk me though these things.   So my current update is that we’ve been staying busy, but trying to take some time to have some fun.  I don’t always have the camera, but I can record it in words.

Things we’ve done in the last couple of weeks:

  • Went to the Boise Natatorium for the first time
  • Went on a ‘Rock Hunt’ with the Idaho Gem Club
  • Went camping with all the cousins
  • Spirit of Boise Hot Air Balloon Classic
  • Went the theater to see Super 8 (Bam got scared)
  • Started soccer, Bam’s team can only get better, and Fred’s team is doing well, 2-0
  • The boys went camping with a friend, Jason and I had the evening to ourselves.

If there is more things we’ve done, which I’m sure there is, I can’t remember them right now.   That is why I need to record it all!


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