Summer Time; Week 2

So after that terribly whiney last post, I’m moving on.

Last week was actually pretty busy. The weather held out for most of it.  Tuesday Fred had some spacers put in to get his mouth ready for the braces he got yesterday. Wednesday was our 13th wedding anniversary. We were unable to celebrate on Wednesday-too busy, work, baseball, life…. Friday we celebrated.  Our ‘celebrating’ this year was kind of blah. Neigther one of us really had any idea what we wanted to do, and we didn’t want to spend a ton of money. We’re a blast, huh? I think both of us would have been content to order a pizza and go to bed early! Lame!  This was the first time the boys were excited abot our anniversary. We have ALWAYS included them in all of our celebrating of June 8th. It is our families birthday, and they are a part of that. Saturday a quick trip to Nana & Papa’s for our June BBQ.  Sunday NOTHING! I think a little week in photo’s would sum up the week perfectly.

Tuesday: We had ourselves a little Double Bubble Party. The boys just figured out how to blow bubbles, and Fred won’t be able to chew gum with his braces, so we had a party!

Wednesday: Our Anniversay. Fred and Bam saw a card at Halmark while we were there a few weeks ago, and wanted me to buy it, but not look at it. I giggled and told them to just remember what it said and make it at home.  The manager was standing there when I said that, and I thought, oh geez, nice one Jackie! But she looked at me and smiled. She then handed the boys a peice of paper and pen and told them to write it down so they wouldn’t forget. They did and they came home and made it for Jason and I. It is so much better that anything I could have bought at that store.  It was a little wrinkled from where they hide it behind their books on the shelf. The little blue paper fits inside the card and slides out, and yes they used the wrong form of  ‘you’re’.  But, you know what?  I don’t care, I love it!

Friday: Lunch,  milkshakes, a nice drive, go cart racing, and my family. Perfect. Except for the lunch, it wasn’t that good.  It’s become a little tradition that Fred takes our anniversary photo.

Saturday:  Nana & Papas!!!!  Cousins!!!  Fun!!!  (Minus 2, nap time)

Sunday: Rest and Relaxation. And my first rose of the season.  (The powder is for bugs, it’s harmless to people and the dog.)


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