Getting in the Groove

As you can tell from my lack of posting, I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’d like to say I was doing super important things, but that just isn’t true!  School has been out for 2 weeks now and I feel like they have mostly been wasted.  The weather has been so hit or miss around here that planing anything is such a gamble.  On top of that, I’m still working.  Just 2 hours a day, and the boys go with me, but it really breaks the whole day up. I like to sleep in, but I’ve noticed that most days I’m not gettting up until 9, and then I have to start getting ready to leave soon. By the time we get home and do a chore or two it seems like I barely have time to throw dinner together before baseball or soccer practice. We get home late, I get in bed late and the cycle starts all over again. I sit here in our 3rd week of summer and it feels so wasted already. I hate that feeling. I hate feeling lazy, and I guess, if I have to be honest, I hate feeling depressed. 

I know what I need to do, get up earlier, go to bed sooner, and then just relax and stop worring about how fast summer is passing me by. I want the boys to have a good summer, but at the same time I refuse to be their event planner. I don’t think their summer will be very memorable if I have every second of it filled with an activity. Isn’t that what soccer and baseball is for! All around Blogland, I have seen many different Summer to do’s and bucket lists. At first I thought it was a great idea, and started thinking of cheap things we could do. The more I thought about the more the idea started to grate on me. I don’t need a summer to-do list, or a bucket list to weigh down my days.  I want the boys to have a relaxing summer of lazy days and bike rides around the neighborhood, and fun walks on the greenbelt. Trips to Nana & Papa’s house, time spent with Cousins, campouts in the back yard, and church camp.  We don’t need a list of impending doom that we have to do before school robs all time away once more.  So I will try to get to bed at a decent time, get up and enjoy the summer mornings, and relax and take it day by day with my boys.


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