Welcome to the Preteens

Last week my oldest turned 11.
Depending on the day I would tell you this hardly seems possible, but other days. Yeah. It does.  This boy who has always been even tempered and happy, has hit a certain stumbling block in his life.  He’s hit puberty!! Most of the time he’s still even tempered and happy, but when the pendulum swings, watch out! I know it’s a phase he has to go through, we all do, but watching it from a mother’s point of view is so much more different than I ever imagined. I guess if I think about it, I never thought about what this phase of my children’s lives would be like!  I just pray that I can be the mom he needs to help him though this time when he doesn’t know how he feels, and he doesn’t know why he doesn’t know!   I look forward to this coming year with him and all the mood swings that are sure to come, because before I know it, it’ll be over.

In honor of 11 years of life, I asked Fred what his top 11 favorite things are:

  1. Video Games
  2. Soccer
  3. Pizza
  4. Cake
  5. Baseball
  6. Bike
  7. New DS
  8. Brother
  9. Airplanes
  10. Mom
  11. Dad

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