Busy Weekend

I know that’s a pretty boring title, but I’m to tired to think of anything more creative. I’m also kicking myself for being in such a rush that I forgot my camera for most of it!

Saturday Fred had a soccer tournament in Boise, two game, spaced just far enough apart that there was no time to even leave the park. Not that that mattered to me, Bam had a baseball open season parade, pictures, and a game here in town. Naturally that was the same time as the soccer tournament. Bam and I would have had time to make it for Fred’s second game, but I was helping host a bridal shower at the church. It turned out really nice. By the time we all got home Saturday we were exhausted! I took the camera with me to Bam’s game but I left it in the car during the shower. I was really hoping to get a picture of the table I decorated. I remembered after the shower began!

Sunday, we had to skip church for the final game of the soccer tournament. They didn’t do so well, so I guess it’s ok that I left the camera next to the computer. At home. A county away from the game. I’m lame, I know.   After the terrible game that was played we headed up to Horseshoe Bend to have lunch at one of the best burger places in the world.  Kit’s Riverside Restaurant.  We should have sat outside, but it was a teensy tiny bit windy, and you never know when that could turn int lots and lots of windy.  Since I didn’t have my camera to prove it, you’ll have to believe me when I tell you that the scene out the window was beautiful. The river was high, the sun was shining, and the wind wasn’t blowing. When we got home I got my garden planted. I’m pretty late this year, but with busy weekends like this, it’s hard!  The boys went to the park to play basketball and Jason and I were finally sitting a relaxing, when a BIRD flew through the open screen door!  I think the boys might have left it open. It flew right in! It took about 5 minutes to get it go back outside. The poor thing was so scared. It landed a few times and you could see it breathing hard and shaking.  It was sad, but I’m glad it’s gone, and that it didn’t leave any evidence that it was here! Yuck!

This coming week is the last week of school, so the busy is almost over!


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