Day 35- Gold

I have been so busy that I haven’t even been home.  I forgot my camera at home one day so no pictures that day. The photo challenge has been last thing on my plate for the last 3 + days.  Fred had a mid-week game that was away, a regular Saturday game, Saturday was also  State History Day,  I had a doctor’s appointment, and a million other things that needed to get done this week. Obviously spring has begun in our house! 

Like I mentioned before Saturday was State History Day. Gage got first place at regional, and got to go to state. It was pretty easy to get first at regional because he was the only entry in his division. At state there were 15 entries.  He was a little nervous, but he was confident and brave when it was his turn in front of the judges.  All of his time and hard work paid off and he placed 4th out of 15!  He wishes he would have done better, but I couldn’t be happier for him.  I know the ribbon is technically green, but it has gold on it so that’s what I’m going with!


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