Day 29- Triangle

So todays post is part photo challenge, part commercial!  We have been die-hard Idaho Pizza Co. fans for a LONG time. Like since 1998! Everyone has always told us if we loved Idaho Pizza, then we would also love Garbonzo’s.  I had never heard of it, or been there. It was always called ‘The pizza place in Middleton”, quickly followed by, “BUT it’s totally worth the drive!”  Our interest was piqued when we saw that one was going into an empty strip mall down the road from us. It’s been open for a few months, but tonight I finally stopped by. I had a few coupons, (naturally) so I figured if it was terrible at least I got a deal. Oh.My.Goodness. It is GOOD!  The boys loved it and even had a slice of vegetarian! They both insist they hate pizza with tomatoes slices on it, but they had to agree this was good. The true test happens when Jason gets home from work and tastes it, but I’m pretty sure he will give it a passing grade.  It’s even owned by a native to our area. Don’t worry Idaho Pizza we still love you and we will be back, but Garbonzo’s will be put in the pizza rotation.  Meaning we now have two pizza joints to go to!


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