Lent 2011

So Lent is here again.  As the day has gotten closer and closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I could do this year.  The last few years I have done that same thing over and over and it has become comfortable.  It’s no longer a sacrifice.  This year I wanted to change that.  As I’ve been studying my devotional books and having my quiet time with God, it’s become more and more clear to me that I have a bit of a problem with my time management when Facebook is involved. If my computer is on, which is all the time when I am home, I have a window open just for Facebook. I play games… not Farmville or Mafia Wars, but card games, word, or math games. It’s easy to justify those games, right. They’re good for my brain! Well, wrong! Facebook is taking up to much space in my life, and it’s becoming a form of bondage.  It gets to the point where having that darned window open is just annoying, but I just can’t bring myself to close it because something might get posted and I’ll miss it!!!!  NOOO!!! It’s gone to far.

So, for the next 40 days I am going to give up Facebook. Every time I walk to the computer to check my page, I’ll have some free time to stop and think of the sacrifice Jesus gave for me.  Death or Facebook…. sounds ridiculous when you see it in written words, but the enemy will use anything to get our attention off of the Savior, even for just a few moments.

I also have a goal to do a 40 day photo challenge during the Lenten Season. starting tomorrow I will post one photo everyday. I will have a topic.  I probably won’t post much besides a photo.  I am really looking forward to this challenge!


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