Ham Sandwiches

Sunday nights tend to be a fend for yourself kind of night around here.  I typically make a big dinner after church, have it all cleaned up, and then don’t want to do anything for the rest of the day except veg out. I usually just have a small snack in the evening, but the boys always want more. So I make them do it.  Tonight was no different.  I told them to make a sandwich or something, they ran to the kitchen, and got busy.  Jason looked in there a few minutes later, and I heard his ask them what they were doing. I looked and they were making ham sandwiches. With cheese and tomatoes. Sounds good right? Well all we had was grape tomatoes!!!

Bam’s sandwich:


At least Fred cut his in half!  Bam just threw them on!  When he took the first bite his tomato rolled out. I’m lucky to catch the picture!  He didn’t realize he had lost one until I took the picture. 

Silly, silly boys.


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