The Fair. Part 2

We headed down to my parents house this weekend to go to The Fair. I talked before about this fair. I am happy to see that it is gaining a space in my childrens heart, as the years pass.  We had a really fun time. I learned how to make old rides new and scary again.

 Sit back and watch as some weird dude straps your 7 & 10 year olds into a cage and sends them whipping around 56 ft up at 10-15 mph!
My heart stopped beating multiple times, and I won’t confirm or deny any screaming on my part. My feet were firmly on the ground the entire time too.   They loved every minute of it, Fred went twice. Bam decided to wait until next year to go again. Instead he tried for something a little less vomit inducing.

The fun house he lovingly refered to as the ‘Wipe Out Building’. Complete with the Shak-a-lator, Spinning Bases, and the Wash Tub.  (The plumber butt …. that’s my favorite little red-headed girl.  She lets me hold her whenever I want. )

Much fun was had the fair the year.


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