My first ‘Before and After’

I have really been enjoying reading different blogs with so many wonderful decorating ideas, and so much imagination in the blog world. Luck for me these bloggers are willing to share their work! I could look at these pictures all day long, but unfortunately….. or maybe fortunately, I guess, I have a life, and am unable to do that. I have been itching to get busy making my own creation. Not really sure where, or how to start, I figured I would just wait until the ideas found me. And what do you know…. one did! At the end of the school year my boss was getting rid of some junk that was just taking up space in our kitchen office. In the two years I’ve been there, there has been this silly little shelf that has done nothing but get in our way. I have no idea where it came from, or if the annoying table ever even had a job in the kitchen. It was wobbly and filthy. Maryann was getting ready to toss it, but first asked if I wanted it. My instinct reaction was ‘Good grief NO! Why would I want that piece of junk’. I’ve always been a firm believer of one mans junk is just junk. But, all of a sudden I had an idea and I heard my mouth saying ‘yes, I’ll take that shelf’. Jason was just as surprised as I was when he saw me take it out of my trunk. I told him my idea and he gave me his ‘look.’ I was so ready to get busy!
Here’s what I had to work with:

I think it was a pie shelf, with the 1×1 stopper on one side and the price tag taped on a shelf. It was ugly.
So a quick trip to China Town Walmart to get a can of spray pant and some braces, I was ready to get busy. I removed the middle shelf I sanded, and wiped down, spackled, sanded, and wiped down some more. I put the braces on, and that really changed everything. The wobbliness of the shelf was really what was keeping this shelf from being a good shelf. After a few coats of black spray paint and then later a coat of clear lacquer, it has found it’s new home, a cute plant shelf next to the front door.

CUTE! I know it looks pretty basic, but it’s a start. I’ve done a few more projects since this one, but I wanted to show you all this first makeover. I am glad I went against my first reaction to trash the shelf. It has a hosta on it right now. I’m working on a planter in the back to put this little guy, but for now I’m really enjoying seeing him from my kitchen window.


Total cost of the project was about $5.00: paint, lacquer, and braces.  The middle shelf has a new home too. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. After I started sanding and took years of filth off of it I realized it was redwood. It is beautiful wood.  I gave the middle shelf a spary of lacquer and stuck it on the back deck for a little ‘coaster’ for my bigger pots that I want to showcase without damaging the deck.  No picture of that, and, well, I’m just to lazy to go snap one real quick.  Maybe later. Maybe.


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