Genisis Boys Camp

Bam and I had a super fun, super tiring time at boys camp.  I was his group counselor, and we were in a cabin of boys who came up with their moms.  Some minutes it felt like we were there for days and days, and other minutes it felt like we were only there for a few hours.  Since I was the counselor, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures, but there were a lot of nice people who were willing to take them for me!

We had water time:

Bam absolutely adored our CIT (counselor in training) The boys thought soaking a mom was the greatest idea ever…. even the boys in the other cabins!  It got a little chilly.

We had rock wall climbing:

Bam was very brave and tried out the rockwall. He got about halfway up and then he got scared and had to come back down. I can’t say anything wrong with that! I wouldn’t even try!

We had skit time:

Despite the angle of this photo, I was indeed wearing shorts. Yikes!

We had puppet show time:


We ate… and ate….and ate…..

And most importantly we had time to hear the Lordss Word, and let it sink in:

That alone was worth all the sleeploss and soaked clothes.


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