Ignoring Responsibilities

This past weekend we spent all day Saturday doing a bunch of  “had to’s”. I got up and went grocery shopping. That is kind of a time-consuming thing for me. I go to more than one store and am a price comparer. I left the boys home with Jason and they worked on straightening up the house. While I was gone Jason called me to let me know that the kitchen faucet had finally sprung it’s last leak and asked if I wanted to pick up a faucet on the way home.
Ughhh……  yeah right. Whatever!  I came home looked on Craigslist to see the list I’ve been watching. The one I really wanted was still there so I called….. she had sold it the night before!! Dang. So off to the local stores…. yes stores with an ‘s’, as in plural. I just said I was a price comparer!  After 4 stores we headed back to Lowes, it was the cheapest, and with the coupon we had just gotten in the mail, it sealed the deal!.  I have changed faucets before, and it’s a pretty easy task. For some reason or another this time was a lot different! Good grief it took about an hour! But we got it in and it looks awesome.

Then Sunday after church we decided we needed a break so we ignored any and all responsibilities we might have had. We drove out to the river and played instead. It was a beautiful day. Jason got a little artsy with the camera, and we got a few really cute photos!

It was so nice to just goof off without a worry in the world. To be surrounded by my guys and laugh with them. Is there a better way to spend a day?


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