Garden Season is here!!

I got my ‘Easter Seeds’ in the grown about a week and a half late this year.  I figured it was ok since it’s been kind of a cold spring.  I always have a blast choosing which plants to plant and what to skip from year to year. Last year I decided to plant potoaoes instead of beans and squash. I loved the potaotes I got last year but I have decided not to grow them again this year. I have a new bean ladder in mind but I’ll wait to talk about that as I narrow my ideas! But as for now…. my baby radishes are growing.   So cute.  Thanks to my secret sister who got me a few started seeds! 

I have also been clearing a back corner for  a flower bed. I finaly got myself a Mr. Lincoln. He is my favorite! When he gets bigger he will be the talk of the town.  Mostly me talking about him to people in my town…. I doubt it’ll go much further than that.  But he’ll know I love him. I’d like to think that we are more on a first name basis, though, so I’ve taken to calling him Abe.  My momma gave me some plants from her garden, a savlia, and a cora bell.  I think the will make a fantastic frame for my love,  Abe.  My momma also has some daisies waking up and waiting for me to give them a new home.

Jason has been working on the landscaping bones in the front yard. We are trying to get rid of a section of grass, and to fix a poor soil/grading problem. Right now it looks terrible, but believe it or not but it actually looks better than it did! Jason has learned a lot about spirinkler basics. We are hoping our front yard does better this summer. When the structured are finished I will step in and choose the plants. I’m kinda hoping it takes a little longer because I’m busy!

On top of this we need to finish our deck.  I hope we can figure out a way to fund all of these big projects!!!


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