So my friend Shawna has a cute little blog over on blogspot.  She also has an impressive blogroll.  I am a blogroll minimalist I guess. Or I just forget that I started one. (big surprise there….)  I just want to publicly thank her for adding a new blog to her list recently.  Your Sacred Calling It is very informative and causes you to think! I have been reading it now for only a week or so, but it has made me think about so much! Jason and I have had many discussions about her topics. We have both went and did our own research too. While reading her latest post a few days ago, she linked to my newest favorite blog! Reading through the entries of that blog was amazing!  I kept telling Jason, ‘Wow, she took the words right out of my mouth!”, and “I could have written that.”, or “She wrote the words that I’ve been trying to say, but she made it make sense!”  Now this blog is going to make some people angry, but don’t worry.  It’s just the truth. Go check it out!!


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